Human Resource Development



Training is needed when a person is hired without the requisite skills, attitude or knowledge or after putting the person on the job, we are able to identify deficiencies that are possible to rectify through training.


Educational experiences benefit those who are employed and who are required to be gradually equipped for other positions in the organization. Thus, the education component of Human Resource Development (HRD) is future-oriented for identifiable job positions.


The development component of HRD is to conduct learning experiences for a future undefined job. The focus being on a future undefined job in before going ahead with employee development, the organization must be able to identify individuals who enjoy high risk and new undefined challenging jobs.


Objectives of Human Resource Development

  1.                 To develop capabilities of all individuals working in an organization in relation to their present role.
  2.                 To develop capabilities of all such individuals in relation to their future role.
  3.                 To develop better interpersonal and employer-employee relationships in an organization.
  4.                 To develop team spirit.
  5.                 To develop coordination among different units of an organization.
  6.                 To develop organizational health by continuous renewal of individual capabilities (averting manpower obsolescence) keeping pace with the technological changes.

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