HR is Not Just Recruiting!!!


HR:When any person (apart from who has studied HR as a subject) hears the word “HR” the only thing comes in his/her mind is recruitment ,but let me tell you its not just recruiting but more that that. people who are looking forward to do HR as their specialization need to know that including recruitment ,the job also has various other aspects such as appraisal,remuneration,compensation,benefits and what not.

If you are an HR or want to opt for HR  you need to understand different terms such as business structure,how to Motivate the employees,if needed changing the organization culture,knowing the employees and their needs  are also included in the so called “responsibilities “ of HR .The main challenge as an HR  will be training and development of employees  because in order to increase the productivity of the organization it is essential that the employees who are working needs to be updated on the recent trends and technology which will also be added as a responsibility of an HR.Now you know HR has got an vital role in the organization and of-course not just RECRUITING!!

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