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HR consulting is one field you might not have heard about at all . But consider this simple fact. The ‘slot zero’ placement day of IIM A, IIM C and various B schools of India, are driven primarily by the consulting sector then followed by various other sectors. This has been the trend for over six to eight years now. Why this sector is so highly rated among B-schools? Employees with Designations like “Business analyst”, “Decision scientist” ,”HR Consultant” etc. are considered as all-rounder.

So how can a HR consultant can make a mark in a sector which is considered normally for people with experience in Marketing or Sales sector.The truth is as a consultant you can advise on ways to improve anything from recruitment to Compensation Planning. With a more fluid job market, you can find great opportunities in Head hunting firms all over the world. As an HR consultant a Under Grad  degree combined with an MBA or a specialized program in HR can make you a master in this field.


Recently I came across an article in TOI where it was reported that an upcoming HR firm in Bangalore received an  investment of $3.5 million. Thus for anyone who is thinking of pursuing a career in HR can make it a point that HR consultant is one field which can make your future.There is demand in the market where people with experience in HR works with data analytic skills . With the advent of BIG Data and BI analytics the process from recruitment to Promotion are worked upon with the help of such skill tools.

According to a survey there is a demand in Indian market where HR consulting can make an impact. Everyday an IT company receives hundreds of referrals and they do not how it can be worked upon. Thus anyone with an experience in HR consulting can make an impact out. The opportunities are out there in the market. It all depends upon whether you are ready to grab it.


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