How do human’s like to perceive webpages?


Ever wondered what differentiates a good site from the bad ones?
Would you rather shop at a super market with well-organized directories or would you shop at a local shop with things mixed around?
Not only is a super market well organized and pleasing to the eyes, but since it gives room to predictability it causes less irritation and also it is less time consuming since the user knows where exactly it is what he is looking for.
On the other hand, a messed up shop would be time consuming and not pleasing to the eyes.

Now you might be wondering what the connection between super markets and sites are.
The key to their connection is organization of contents with respect to their context.
The human eye likes well organized materials which are easier to search and scan through.
This plays a vital role in the success of your site.

A good web design is the one which has a grid like layout.
Where all the elements in the webpage are well aligned and strictly adhere to a grid like layout ,and respect each other’s boundaries, without invading into other elements “space”.

Cool Tip: How should I determine my grid?
A simple technique is to use the golden ratio.
You might be wondering what the golden ratio is?
The golden ratio predates the time before web design, when grids where used by painters to produce their master pieces.
Golden ratio is a length of line multiplied by .62, you get a pleasing ratio which can be used to structure your grid.

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