Health Benefits of Sonamukhi plant or Indian Senna

Health Benefits of Sonamukhi plant or Indian Senna


Scientific Name: Cassia angustifolia
Sanskrit Name: Markandika, Swarnapatri
Common Name: Indian Senna , Sonamukhi, Rajavriksha, Sanaya, Hindisana

This plant is native to India, Arab and some African countries. The shrub grows to 2-3 feet in height and is typically identified by its spear shaped pointed leaves pale yellowish-green in colour.
The pods, seeds and leaves are of special medicinal value.

Medicinal Benefits :
1) Traditionally sonamukhi herb has been used for its laxative and purgative qualities.
2) It not only stimulates the liver for proper secretion of enzymes but also increases peristaltic movement of intestines, hence regulating bowel movement.
3) The leaves and pods can either be used in form of powder after drying or can also be consumed after brewing for a few minutes for instant relief from constipation, indigestion or loss of appetite.
4) Very helpful in conditions like osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis and gout.
5) Its known to have blood purifying abilities and has been used traditionally as a wound dresser in parts of eastern India.
6) Sonamukhi leaves are crushed or ground and the paste is applied over acne, pimples or eczema for relief.
7) The pods are particularly helpful in treatment of bronchitis, fever, hemorrhoids, jaundice, malaria, dermatitis, anemia.
8) It also helps in treating intestinal worms as it is anthelmintic in nature.

However, a prolonged or over dosage is not advisable as the leaves reduce potassium levels in body leading to bone and muscle weakness.
Indian Senna or Sonamukhi is a traditional herb known for its remarkable medicinal values and like any other medicine must be used only as per suitable dosages.

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