Have a winning streak in life!


Each one of us without exception wants to win in life, right?  But why is it, that some of us win in our challenges while some give up the fight midway? What sets the two type of people apart? Most of us never try to find out the reason but just put it all to our luck or destiny!


So, here are few simple things you need to apply in your life, the next time you face a problem or deadlock.


1. Stop complaining – Yes, that’s the first thing we all do. We end up complaining about every possible element related to a situation rather than reflecting on our own self. We must change the way we perceive a problem. We see it as a deadlock and focus all our energies on complaining and fretting about it. But winners see every obstacle as yet another challenge they have to face. So, next time you are in a fix, stay away from complaining and see where you may be going wrong. Then next challenge it, that first you’ll change and then you’ll change the situation for the better!

2. Take appropriate action – Instead of making the problem the focal point, make taking correct action to deal with it the point of focus. Put all your energies to figuring out the best way out and trust me, you’ll definitely find one, because every problem has a solution. This is one major quality that sets winners apart, because the time you would waste in worrying, they utilize it to find the solution and to take correct action. So, they end up winning!

3. Keep persevering –  I know, there are some problems which just don’t seem to go away, like an argumentative boss who’s always ready to insult you, or your financial crisis. We all have the tendency that one day we determine to ourselves that we’ll win and in just a few days we give up the fight. But winners know, that in order to win, they need to keep moving forward with patience and perseverance, no matter how long it may take to win.

4. Learn from your problems – Every problem has something to teach us. But we can only learn from it if we treat it as a challenge, as yet another opportunity to improve ourselves. A difficult job at hand instead of being a problem to you should seem to be an opportunity to learn a new skill, to become more focused at work. This way every problem will take you higher in life by teaching you something valuable.


So, in a crux, problems are inevitable, but how you deal with them makes all the difference. Change your attitude by following these simple tips to develop a winning attitude in life! Good luck! 😀


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