A very common term since the beginning of the early ages… But we often wonder to know what that means. Well its quite similar to “An apple a day keeps the doctor away”, if you get it….

Now what really is happiness??? Happiness may vary from person to person depending on the number the person you are asking. If you ask a little kid he will simple answer a lollipop or watching cartoons Β is his happiness, if you ask a teenager he will simply answer going out with his crush is happiness ,if you ask the graduating student about happiness it surely will be a job before his eighth semester is over will give him happiness,for an elderly couple watching their children grow up and live a happy life will give them happiness. Thus happiness varies from person to person and is dependent on what you seem to like and love the most to do. For me watching a good movie and roaming with my friends gives me happiness however for you it may be eating a good lunch or scoring good marks in your examinations.

Happiness is a feeling Β that keeps you warm even in the coldest of weathers. It is a feeling that keeps you warm within and makes you feel lively from the inside.Thus happiness makes you an ideal person to hang out with.

A little of laughter mixed with happiness makes you lively… Surely you must have heard the term laughter is good for health… well if you are lively and well aware you will be well πŸ™‚ …

A recent study ( a detailed one for five years ) shows that the happy persons are less prone to psychiatric stress and other forms of mental depressions. Thus it is Β an well explanation of why we need to be happy. If we enjoy the little things in our life we indeed will be happy and we need not worry about anything else. Thus my friends be happy and live well.

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