“Gratitude” at Home and Work Place


Gratitude is a small 9-letter word, but there is a magnanimous meaning hidden behind this word.
The dictionary describes ‘gratitude’ as a feeling of appreciation or thanks.

We often say thank you as a robotic response, as something we’re now habitual to say. But do we really realize the meaning, the emotion and the importance of this word?

A lot of people do a lot of things for us, at home and at the work place.
Our servants at home, our peons at our work place; our siblings at home, our colleagues at our work place; our mothers at home and our bosses at our work place- they all help us in so many different ways.
Is it not important then, to acknowledge these efforts?

How often have we acted in a positive way towards the sweepers and janitors in office? How often did we say ‘thank you’ to them for any small task they did for us?
These people, doing menial jobs, hardly ever receive any word of appreciation from us. We treat them like they’re nothing but mere machines doing work.
Rather, they’re treated as being so inferior, often at the receiving end of rude or insulting treatment.
Under such circumstances, how happy would a single ‘thank you’ make them feel, have you ever realized?
One small smile, one small word could brighten up their entire day.

Not only these menial workers, but everyone in office deserves this gratitude from us. Not only does this put forward us n a positive light, but also brightens up the other person’s day.
We all feel worthy and proud of ourselves when someone tells us that we helped them in a certain way, and that they’re grateful to us. So why can we all not take a small step to make everyone feel this way?
Moreover, our colleagues will continue to help us at different occasions if they know that we realize their efforts and value the little things they do for us. It would definitely help in building a cordial relationship with them.

This feeling of appreciation must not only exist at your place of work, but at home too.
Most of us are either working or students who spend most of our day out of home, and by the time we come home, food is served to us in our rooms, our house is already cleaned, our clothes washed and ironed, and all our other work done.
How often is it that we thank our mothers for all that they do for us? Or our other family members for that matter?
Sometimes, it’s not enough to say thank you. Sometimes, we need to do things to show them we care.
Cooking breakfast for our family, spending time with them on holidays, keeping in mind all little things they do- all of these things carry more weight-age than mere words.

Everyone who helps us has the right to know that we appreciate their efforts. As fellow human beings capable of feeling things, it is our responsibility to tell people we care about them, that the things they do for us brighten our lives.

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