four year undergraduate program fyup

Four Year Undergraduate Program FYUP – A Cursed Batch

four year undergraduate program fyup


The first batch of continuous comprehensive evaluation, there is more to come!!!!What!!!Oh yesss!!!What is it???The air is buzz with prospects of an academic rebellion as we hear loud echoes of protests at one of the India’s finest learning centres-University of Delhi- against the approved Four –Year Undergraduate Programme. What does it mean??This is the reaction of every student and of their parents…So now the decision is not only of the course and college but whether we should take admission in Delhi university or not!!

The thoughts of every student-what is it??How is it different??Should I take admission in du??Will I be wasting my one year??Oh no!!Why, why is it always us who are there for trials…I don’t want to go to college. Now is the news that despite facing so many protests it is being implemented. It entails two important elements; first is the introduction of compulsory foundation courses and second is the option of dropping out, in the end of second year with a diploma degree, in third year without an Honours degree. Our viewpoint doesn’t matter, it seems our voice has no role and all we have to do is to study eleven fc courses.

We don’t even have the choice to choose from the fc(foundation courses) & all we are supposed to do is to manage and experience the change. No problems with the change but only if it has agreement by those who have to study it. Talking on behalf of every student I am sure nobody is!!We are running throughout the day for completing the presentations, meeting project deadlines and cramming whatever is possible on the last day. I am sorry to say but the truth is this and won’t be liked by many but you cannot suppress a child’s voice everywhere. I bring out all what we are going through and seriously it is not a good study program.

The change as is said should be for the better but the FYUP doesn’t seem to be the positive change that one envisions. These courses only what they are known for is add burden, distract our minds, and we don’t get time for ourselves or to pay attention on our main subjects. The option of dropping at end of two years, three years has no value in today’s time. So what is the use, is it for the good-is highly debatable.

Will the FYUP, with the above course content and its multiple exit options truly make students more employable? Will it help them get better jobs or give them extra advantage in choosing future academic options? Let us look at some of the facts:


(1) The students who obtain a Two Year Diploma will study only 8 papers from their core/ main discipline. The remaining 20 courses will be compulsory, extremely basic, mostly school-level (the foundation courses). Such a two-year diploma would offer no specialization since the student will have studied only 8 papers from the core discipline. Would such a DU Diploma have any value in the job market when contrasted with specialized diplomas (such as NIIT diplomas in computer languages and programming)? No, because the DU diploma offers no focus on a core discipline at all unlike diplomas offered elsewhere. So, in contrast to the claims of providing ‘more employment’, a diploma-holder from DU will actually be at a disadvantage when compared to a specialised diploma holder from another institute.


(2) If the student chooses to complete the three year Bachelor degree, s/he will merely study 14 main discipline courses. The remaining 28 courses will be an wild assortment of applied courses, subsidiary courses, cultural activities, and school-level foundation courses. We know, that from the +2 level in school itself, students have already begun to specialize by choosing their streams. What will they gain by repeating in college, the basics of each subject (which they have already been taught in school up to class 10)? Further, when compared with students from other universities who acquire an Honours degree in the same number of years; how will they stand a chance, let alone an edge in the job market? It is also obvious that when compared to the old three year programme course, they will not get a comparable amount of knowledge in their core discipline. While students under the old three year programme could enter a Masters programme in any of their core subjects, how will the DU students with inadequate specialization be able to pursue a Masters without completing their fourth year?


(3) The student who completes all four years and obtains a Bachelor (Hons) degree will have to do 50 courses – of which only 20 will be from his/her core discipline. The remaining 30 courses will be applied courses, cultural activities, subsidiary courses and school-level foundation courses.

In spite of having spent both time and money on an extra year, these students will have less knowledge of their core discipline than earlier students who had acquired an Honours Degree in three years where 75% of the courses were from the core discipline! Not only are they spending an extra year with no evident academic advantage, it is also not clear what job opportunities will open up exclusively for them.

Talking to my friends-all I could find was that all of us were cribbing and all we wanted was a change. We are so grownups that we know that what we are being taught has no much significance and  all what one should be is a good, responsible citizen, possessing a honest personality and standing for what is right, no point wasting time and resources. The fc’s don’t even provide us with the opportunity to indulge in extra-curricular activities because all we have is to attend college till 5 because of so many fc courses.

All what we have is now to study a new set of other fc’s, make more presentations, forget about eca and just make projects and take part in  group discussions, because only such things fetch us marks and our own identity, our thoughts and what we view ourselves has no point for the time being. But whatever is to come all we can say is carry on and fight with it. With the current situation, we can see difficult times ahead-rest let’s see who compromises with the future of thousands of students at risk.

Please share your views and i believe you can add on to it much more:)


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