Farmer claims suicide at AAP’s rally; Inside Story

Farmer suicides at AAP's rally; Inside Story

A farmer hanged himself at AAP’s rally on wednesday(22nd April) to protest against the government’s land bill. The farmer was rushed to the nearby Ram Manohar Hospital, Doctor’s said the farmer is identified as Gajendra Singh(41) from Nangal village of Dausa district in Rajasthan.

The farmer was brought dead from the site of the Aam Aadmi Party’s rally where he hanged himself from a tree. The news was everywhere and soon it became a political war, throwing up reasons why this happened on each other and linking it with many other political parties. Prime Minister Narendra Modi expressed grief saying “Incident was saddening and it has shattered the whole nation”.

Mean while Congress demanded to register a FIR against the Prime Minister and Delhi Chief Minister Arvind kejriwal stating them most responsible for the suicide of the farmer. Party spokesperson Satyavrat Chaturvedi said at the AICC briefing ” A case abetment of suicide should be lodged against the state government and the central government, two people are responsible for the suicide are Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Chief Minister Kejriwal “

The incident occurred around 2pm in presence of Kejriwal, encouraged senior AAP leaders to allege that it was an attempt to distract the rally.

Home minister Rajnath Singh expressed grief over the incident and directed a proper investigation of the incident.

Kejriwal said ” We were continuously asking the police to bring him down. Police may be not in our control but at least there should be semblance of humanity left in them. I am rushing towards the hospital with Manish Sisodia “.

There was a complete chaos at the Aam Aadmi Party’s kisan rally after the farmer committed suicide by hanging himself from the tree during the rally. At around 1:30pm the man was noticed, most of the people thought he wants a better glimpse of the dais, with the Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal who arrived few minutes earlier.

The man proceeded to use a white cloth that he was carrying to tie around his neck, and hung himself by both of his hands wrapped around the tree. Police personnel surrounded the tree in a semi circle and did not attempt to bring the man down.

Kumar Vishwas who had the mic as the event was just unrolled, first urged the man to come down. When the situation got serious, Kumar Vishwas then said the man can meet Arvind Kejriwal if that’s what he wanted, but asked him not to do anything serious”.

Vishwas realised that the man was motionless hanging from the tree, an irate Vishwas said “Waha police khadi hai apna kaam kyu nahi kar rahi” (Police is standing there, Why are you not doing your work?)

As the police stood motionless for about 10 minutes, five civilians one of them wearing AAP’s cap climbed up and tried to drag the man down. They succeeded to bring the man a down but a point they had to drop him down to the ground. He was rushed to the hospital. Some even said that as he was up he threw a note but could not be independently confirmed.

Crowd gathered increasingly irate at the police’s inactivity, which resulted in small scrimmage, pushing and thrusting between the police and the crowd.

Rally resumed once the body was taken away, but Deputy Chief Minister Manish Sisodia said that they                 (including Arvind Kejriwal) will go to the hospital.

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