Facebook’s Place Tip! Tip for business??

Facebook's Place Tip Tip for business


Facebook has always been known for ideas which increase people’s attraction to it. Facebook is almost destroying any possibility that any app will win over it, ever!! The latest among those ideas is Facebook’s Place Tip. Now that everyone is going mobile, Facebook keep it up too.

Facebook has recently announced and releasing Facebook’s Place Tip. Facebook find the user’s place using cellular network, Wi-Fi and/or GPS. ย An icon will be seen on the top of your news feed and when you tap on it, shows a feed containing information about the place you are in, including your friend’s photos, experiences and moments, reviews and check-ins from there. It is obvious that each user’s tips will be different. Facebook tips is absolutely optional, the user can turn it ON or OFF. You have to allow Facebook to get access to your place. Also it will feature the business from the Place Tips. It will show page posts, upcoming events, specific features, working hours and many more!! If it is a restaurant Place Tips shows us the menu and reviews ๐Ÿ™‚ Cool na!

Wait a minute, hold on! Don’t get excited too much! You may be wondering why you never heard of this and why your app doesn’t show it. For that you should have an iPhone and you have to be in New York! Yes!! Initially the feature is being tested in US among iPhone users. There is no clue of releasing an android version soon. But as there are many positive reviews from the testing area we may hope that Facebook soon release the android version worldwide.

Now let us consider what this new feature has to do with business promotion? This will be a great boon to local business. Earlier I’ve mentioned in a post that Facebook changed its algorithm which intentionally or unintentionally depromotesย digital marketing of small business. (Read the post here). I guess Mark Zuckerberg is doing some compensationย favors! Facebook Tips is a huge asset to small scale business as they can promote themselves to nearby customers.ย โ€œA bookstore could use the welcome note to tell visitors where a book signing is happening in the store, while a popular deli may share menu items that famous people have ordered.โ€ – Facebook recommends highlighting their features through page as they say in their official Facebook page.

Also Facebook is giving a free device to business called Facebook Bluetoothยฎ beacon which face book claims as most reliable way of business to serve Place Tips. This device sent bluetooth signals to user’s mobile app to show them right Place Tips.

Now thatโ€™s a wonderful way of business promotion isn’t it? As far as I can see it will soon be a revolution in business promotion and Facebook may release better versions.

Looking forward to use the new feature!!



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