Everything starts with an idea.

Everything starts with an idea.

Everything starts with an idea.

” Thoughts become things. If you see it in your mind, you will hold it in your hand”. This quote was given by Bob Proctor. Going deeper into its meaning , we understand that any thought whether positive or negative, is bound to manifest provided it is powerful enough. In simple words, whatever ideas and thoughts that come across human mind can definitely be converted into reality.

If you know what you want,the world re-arranges itself to help you fulfill your dream.There have been innumerable instances in past where people who converted ideas into reality created history. These instances are still counting with new discoveries happening every day. Brilliant ideas combined with a lot of patience, will power and hard work  yield great success. And this success can be measured in the form of technological advancements, discovery of medicines and vaccines, decline immortality rate, better standard of living all across the world.

If it was not the idea of Wright brothers, we would not be living in this aerial age. Who knew Two curious youngsters could give the world the gift of airplanes .breaking of a flying toy sow the seeds of a brilliant idea- creating a flying machine.while a lot of hard work was put in raising money, a lot of time was also spent in studying mechanics of flying. This gave way to the development of glider. Not fully satisfied with the functioning of newly discovered machine, they made advancements with innovative ideas . After a few tests, wright brothers marked a moment of historical importance or ville and wilbur wright had invented the airplane.

So whenever you come across an idea even a simple one, don’t let it go waste , instead act. Explore it in all ways and make them see light of the day.well , then who knows your flourishing idea may turn soon into real success , after all IT ALL STARTS WITH AN IDEA.

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