Employee Empowerment

Employee Empowerment

Why do the officials at higher posts or authority in an organization access all the rights to control the decision making in that organization??!! This issue was interrogated and thought upon and all this interrogation gave birth to what is called as “Employee Empowerment”.

This kind of empowerment gives autonomy and liberation to the employees working at lower levels in an organization to take their own decisions regarding the organizational issues and projects. Thus employee empowerment is basically sharing different levels of power among different officials to serve a better customer. This concept enables the employees o make decisions without having to refer a senior. This process involves the employees to improve the way one looks at a problem and find a multifaceted solution to it. This also encourages the employees to play a more effective role in their work. Also this kind of empowerment helps increase trust among the workers in any organization.

It leads to greater satisfaction of job, motivates the employee, increases productivity of the organization and helps reduce the costs. Due to the increased ownership of work, efficiency of the employees is seen to rise, and their innovation and creative skills also increase as there is an essence of self-authority. Empowered employees get the courage to become more entrepreneurial and thus they start taking more risks; more risks, more are the chances to succeed!!Too many self authorities themselves check the quality of services being produced, thus complete focus is present, and that leads to better outcomes.

So far we have seen that empowerment seems to have all the pros, but without the cons the story is never completed!!Workers seldom become egoists and stop reporting their work to the supervisors, that goes on creating communication gap and a negative feedback is given. Workers at all levels are given power, but we know that all of them do not have the same skill set , which can sometimes lead to bad decision making that affects the whole process. One major problem which cannot be overlooked is the data insecurity, which arises from the fact that too many people share the information and thus there are greater chances of data leakage and modification.

This discussion leads us to a doubt that whether implementing the employee empowerment, is a good or bad idea!!? I would say it is definitely a positive thought and concept but certainly it depends on the demands and circumstances. Empowering employees inculcates self confidence in them and leads to improved customer satisfaction.

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