4 Important Reasons for taking E-Learning | Why Become an Autodidact

4 Important Reasons for taking E-Learning | Why Become an Autodidact

Why E-Learning

4 Compelling Reasons for Becoming An Autodidact in the Modern Era

The term E-learning is generally linked with the concept of self-learning and self-teaching. We have surpassed the era of class-room learning and have taken a leap towards self-learning methodology of developing necessary skills which is officially taken by the process of E-learning. We have encountered a collective societal evolution where it is crucial to be self-taught more than ever.

The 4 key reasons why everyone should engage in the process of e-learning (self-learning and self teaching)

First Reason: High Costs of Learning

It has become really difficult to manage and dwell into an education system (whether it is schooling or graduation) with such high costs that one has to really mint money in order to have a lucrative future. There is an unwritten social norm that has been followed from long – “We go to school, graduate, get a nice and secure job.” This is generally the cultural narrative. But what is not talked about is the number of people that go to colleges for “worthless degrees” with a handful of student loan debt and little hope for a secure future.

So in order to change the modus operandi of the process of developing skills the concept of e-learning has germinated which has proved to be feasible and has reduced the burden of endless debts.

Second Reason: Develop Patience

The process of learning is not an overnight venture that can be taken up and completed on the spot. It takes time to internalize information and penetrate it through our system. We live in world where there is instant fulfillment, such that the results are expected to deliver on the spot. But the process of learning should be respected and thereby help in developing patience. Thereby creating a phase where the process to explore and establish patience for better learning.

Third Reason: Encourages Self-Expertise

When you see no back-up and someone cracking the whip behind you to run, it then becomes your burden to learn what you have to learn. There is a lot of sacrifice discipline, and planning that one has to go through in any form of personal or professional development. The process of e-learning proves to be a great method that encourages developing self-expertise and boosting the process of self-exploration.

Fourth Reason: Extra Edge

It is often seen people learn what they are expected to learn in school and end of it. Then follows a sugar coated fantasy that a degree from a renounced institution will do it all and set your life forever. Primarily what we learn in college is not applicable professionally and becomes obsolete over a period of time. Therefore we cannot rely on outdated information and the world of tomorrow belongs to those who learn and internalize information at a deep level faster than their peers. So in order to get ahead of the job market competition and getting further ahead in your career it is important to learn and evolve quickly through the mode of e-learning.

No better way to learn than practice on your own is the mantra for getting the edge over others.

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  • saurabh anand
    October 5, 2017 4:58 pm

    Thanks for this vital info about e-learning

    It will be very helpful for business ho has become consistent in the market and have good following too!!


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