DEFENCE Policy constitutes to A Strong Foreign Partnership

A Strong Strategic Foreign Policy Framework of Country lies in the Strength of Defence Partnership in-between.

World’s strongest partnership develops by a strength in its defence policies relationship. A Defence policy relationship is a subject of confidential activity that needed to be disclose with reliable partner. Therefore a countries withstanding a long term relationship are estimated through level of development growth in their defence sector partnership.

Unlike India have traditional history of Non-aligment foreign policy relationship with the world. But few countries partnership were deepened and  strengthen by passage of time includes Russia, a most reliable foreign partner to advocate for India, Israel, Afghanistan, France, Bhutan and Bangladesh. These includes Russian Federation, Israel and France are among closest due to Military strategic partnerships. The Russian Federation is largest military equipment supplier followed by Israel and France; also with along a strong relation in regards to combat counter-terrorism,developing India’s space technology with these nations are playing pivotal role.

Recently the relations with UK, USA ,Japan,Singapore, Brazil, South Africa and Italy also develops in context of military linkages. Particularly US president visit to India are symbolic message towards upcoming strong foreign relationship between two countries. Currently with US-India defense bilateral defense relationship deepens in technology and trade over next decade. The plan layout of framework on mode of execution with launch of Four ‘PathFinder’ projects under Defense Technology and Trade Initiative (DTTI) as well as formation of functional group to explore possible areas of cooperation and development.

US Ambassador to India called ‘Strategic Plus’ for a next decade plan between US-India partnership. He further illustrates the need of convergence of two countries to working toward a ‘Co-Production’ and ‘Co-Development’ defense framework. Therefore at last India-US upcoming partnership through DTTI is a commitment to address bureaucratic hurdles through safeguarding their mutual interest.

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