Crisis Management

Crisis Management

It takes many years to build an empire and just a frw minutes to ruin it. If you think that you are doing things differently. We need crisis management to reduce this threat. Crisis is a difficult and dangerous situation that needs attentions. By crisis management, an organization deals with threats before , during and after they have occurred. It includes assessing threats and finding the best way to avoid those threats.

There are many types of crisis. For ex natural disaster, technological crisis , workplace violence, terrorist attacks etc. Crisis can strike at any time. Small organization are often unprepared and usually neglect this disaster. They think that they won’t be affected by the crisis. They don’t have crisis plan in hand. ย That’s why every organization should make crisis management plan. It is the demand of time. Seek advice from the employees, experts,team members, lawyers etc.

Crisis can be anything that negatively effect an organization’s reputation. There are some crises which we have no control such as natural disaster. Some problems, we can solve by effective crisis management. For ex if computers are not working properly then we can work for their repairing. If employees are on strike, we can find out the reason and try to manage.

Organization should manage their time and resources to complete a crisis management plan before they face crisis.

Do you remember that saying that learn from the mistakes of other.ย 

Don’t even try to commit mistake and then work for improving it. Public relations are an integral part of crisis management. There are many threats created by crisis such as public safety, financial lose. The primary concern should be public safety.

Crisis management provides lists of contact informations of what should be in the time of crisis. Have patience. Don’t blame each other rather than find out the solution. Have positive thinking. Whenold system can no longed be maintained, crisis occurs. Time demands change. Crisis management can minimize the damage and sometimes allow an organization to rise stronger than before the crisis.

Yes it is not an ideal way to improve an organization but one should be prepare for the crisis.

Andy Gillman said, “The secret of crisis management is not good vs. bad. It’s preventing the bad from getting worse.”

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