Creating an observable Presence for Your Business


 Creating an observable Presence for Your Business

Certainly, You’ve got choices in how you attach a particular business process to a social object: You may create a service that you offer, for example, that can itself become part of the way in which your audience pursues its involvement with the social object: Nike+ accomplishes this by connectors runners with its shoes through a service that connects runners…with other runners.

You may be thinking that the social object has to be large, or that larger brands perhaps because they are perceived (not always correctly) to have “more resources” (they have profit and loss pressures, too) have an easier time. Not true. Social objects come in all sizes, and you can generally find one that applies to just about any business audience segment of interest. Not only is each of these a powerful social connector you could easily throw a social event around any one of these topics they are also perfect alignment points between customers and businesses that operate in these same consumer segments.


With your social objects identified and an activation program that connects your business into that activity built around it, attention turns to growing and supporting the community. Think about showing up at a friend’s party: Unless specifically told otherwise, you’d likely bring a small gift to share: an appetizer or dessert, or maybe a bottle of wine if the setting is appropriate. The point is this: This sort of value exchange is recognition that a social gathering among friends is a collective activity, one that is made better as more participants contribute and share. By practicing full disclosure and by taking care to contribute as much or more than you gain, you have successfully anchored your business in what matters to your customers, made things better for them, and created a durable supporting link that ties back to your business objectives.

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