Concerning Greening SMEs

Concerning Greening SMEs

Small &Medium Enterprises, SMEs are the engines of Indian Economy Growth

The Contribution of Micro,Small and Medium Enterprise to GDP of nation around 8% which is projected to double in next decade. The SMEs has high potential for economic growth and employment generation in a country. Thou with increase in SMEs numbers there is a uprising concern on Industrial Pollution, Standards and Quality to imparted by these enterprises. Empirically evidences suggests that they contribute near about 70% of industrial pollution due to lack of adequate knowledge, infrastructure support and standards to be followed as per international standards.

According to UNIDO SMEs represent more than 90% of global business and accounts on average 50% GDP of all countries and 60% employment generation. This leads to bring focus on the responsibility  that SMEs are bearing towards our society and environment. To implement the methodology as certainly will shape industry in new direction of growth and prosperity that lead to impart quality in every part of life.Therefore its is imperative to impart educational support, training and workshop to entrepreneurs, proprietors to lead the high growth in sustainable manner.The environmental issues and concern are needed to be addressed properly through international standardization, training’s and precautionary measures to be undertaken. There is need of spread of realization that sustainability will lead to profitability through reduced energy consumption. Simply imparts Green Technology approach in making Green Economy development in sustainable way.

Due to haphazardly grow of industries inspite the stringent environmental norms and regulation in india. We need to enforce duties more diligently and in true spirits, though sustainability is neither morality nor altruism but very mundane business proposition resulting in waste minimization, water conservation, and cost savings. Government also promote sustainability through 12% credit linked subsidy scheme for MSME  in upgrading technologies including anti-pollution and energy conservation machinery.

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