Community Service

Community Service – What is it and how does it contribute to the society.

Community Service

Community service is the act of going out of your way to do things to help individuals or society as whole. It is indulging in various tasks that will help make your community a better place to live.

Community service in today’s world holds a lot of importance. It is not only important and required for a lot of colleges but Big MNCs have also started looking into the kind of social service you have done in the past few years of your life.  A new field called Social Entrepreneurship has emerged- out of community service. It aims to apply entrepreneur skills to help the most backward- poverty stricken sections of society. For this having prior knowledge and skills in helping others is imperative.

Countries such as USA have made community service a compulsion for petty criminals. Running a red light, vandalizing have punishments such as 40 hours of community service a month. Which I believe, is a very bright idea to help make the world a better place. It not only improves our surroundings but also instills values of empathy, sympathy, hard work in us. It opens our eyes to the harsh reality of today’s world. More and more countries should adopt this technique.

So what are the various kinds of community services that one can take up?

  1. Educating the poor- This is the most common and beneficial type of community service. It involves educating the underprivileged in your area. It not only helps eradicate poverty but also helps make them a better person. Education is the key to development.
  2. Cleaning- Garbage is not only an unpleasant site, but is also the cause for a number of diseases. Throwing wrappers out of your car windows should be stopped at once. If you live near a mall or  a market get into talks with your RWA and try sponsoring garbage cans in the area.
  3. Religious- Some religions emphasize on community service. This propagates peace and a sense of achievement. It is also a way to repent your sins.

Help make the world a better place.

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