importance of workplace communication

Why workplace communication is essential to thrive in an organization

Communication is the sister of leadership. –John Adair As human beings, communication is one of the most essential basis for our survival. We thrive to put across our ideas, to be heard and to effectively learn from others. In an era where we equate our success to how far we reach in our career, it becomes essential to enhance our communication skills. As we often hear, communication is the key to becoming a good leader…

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how to begin with public speaking

Public speaking | Master the art & overcome your fear

What is public speaking Public speaking is an act of speaking to a group of people with an intention of informing them regarding any agenda.This is basically a one sided conversation where one person of an established platform (for instance, CEO of any company or principal of any school ) spreads the information to the people (for example, employees of any company or students and teachers of a school), if that information concerns everyone. When…

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