The right to communicate!



we talk of basic needs and just think of food, clothing, shelter. health & education  not even once thinking of “the right to communicate” directly or passively.

The right to communicate is an essential social need without which  human beings cannot survive,

Human communication is a process of transmission of ideas through thoughts and behavior from one person to another, communication is a persuasion and seeks  desirable response to its transmission.

There are different level of communication:-

intra personal communication: The level of communication in which we talk to our self conscience, it is a mental  process and influence our interaction with others. It is the type of communication that you have with yourself when you are about to talk to someone or do something or the one you have while making a discussion ,it is considered a basic level of communication from where we move forward to the next level. If there is some problem in this level we are unable to move to the next level.

Inter personal communication: The interaction/communication which takes place between two people or sometimes the communication between the class room is also considered inter personal.

It is mostly face to face & takes place with the exchange of dialogs, expressions, or gestures between two people. It is considered more direct and intimate than other levels of communication.

Group communication: small groups are a common level of communication  in daily life

for e.g. a family ,an athletic team , a group of fellow workers

small groups poses characteristics that are not in dyadic communication like group pressure , leadership, cohesion, co formality etc .

Public communication: is the communication when a group becomes too large for every member to contribute one person or several person talk and rest become audience. Though the audience has a chance to ask questions and brief comments and feedback, which is limited.

Mass communication : communication in which ,MSG is produced in fairly large no and distributed through the media. here the audience is annoyance . the concept of mass communication is dynamic , practical & promotional in nature. And in many communities is due to the rise of political needs, its wide range application can be seen in the advertising sector where it brings consumer & product closer.

Forms of communication

There are two forms of communication verbal & non verbal

verbal communication : is the communication which includes communication through speaking which is an essential part of our daily life.

Human communication is highly complex and unique process , Everything we do from the point we wake up and go to bed through various sign & symbols  through writing & talking is called language and the process is called communication.

The basic skill of speaking depends upon a person’s vocal quality and effective use of body language.

verbal communication is a meaning making process, factors effecting verbal communication are:-

  • pitch
  • volume
  • articulation: the way you pronounce words

If a person has a good command over his articulation, enunciation he is a good diction. Speed is also a crucial  part of your voice through vibration of speed in your speaking one can establish facts and influence a person’s s understanding.

In very simple words communication is the ability to make one self  understood to others.

Non- verbal communication: is defined as the intentional or unintentional use of actions or sounds, shape object , space , facial expression& even clothes to convey a meaning to our communication.

This type of communication is unique and has its own richness.

Moreover it is accompanied with specific gestures of any one or a combination of gestures like a wink, extended arm, slap etc. Each MSG can have its varied meaning and action.

In Oder to overcome the deficiency of non-verbal communication people often resort to non -verbal communication in an effective manner by  using body language to an extent

Type of non verbal communication

  • movement of eyes
  • movement of hands
  • facial expression

Verbal & Non verbal are both incomplete without each other and work better together.

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