Communication is a mode of interaction between two or more sets of people so as to express their opinion on a particular subject…

Forms of communication

There are two forms: verbal & non verbal

Verbal : It includes communication through speaking which is an essential part of our daily life.

It is a highly complex and unique process , Everything we do from the point we wake up and go to bed through various sign & symbols  through writing & talking is called language and the process is called communication.

The basic skill of speaking depends upon a person’s vocal quality and effective use of body language.

verbal communication is a meaning making process, factors effecting it are:-

  • pitch
  • volume
  • articulation: the way you pronounce words

If a person has a good command over his articulation, enunciation he is a good diction. Speed is also a crucial  part of your voice through vibration of speed in your speaking one can establish facts and influence a person’s  understanding.

In very simple words, it is the ability to make one self  understood to others.

Non- verbal :It is defined as the intentional or unintentional use of actions or sounds, shape object , space , facial expression & even clothes that convey a meaning .

This is unique and has its own richness.

Moreover it is accompanied with specific gestures of any one or a combination of gestures like a wink, extended arm, slap etc. Each MSG can have its varied meaning and action.

In Oder to overcome the deficiency of non-verbal communication people often resort to non -verbal communication in an effective manner by  using body language to an extent

Type of non verbal communication

  • movement of eyes
  • movement of hands
  • facial expression
  • Thus communication a mode of interaction between different people is essential for the growth of all humanity.

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