Changing culture of organizations

Changing the culture of organizations due to an increase in social media – Role of an HR


Today everyone it seems is either on Twitter, Facebook or some other social media website. Though such websites are blocked by jammers in certain organization but with the advent of smartphone all these websites are literally on our fingers whims. The new entrant in the organization is already on the FB friend list of the General manager and gets a update even when the GM has gone out for a dinner with his wife. Is the social media really bring us closer and if it is so how does it affect the workplace and more importantly how does the HR ensure this changing culture. Let us look at some of the issues the HR might face in the coming days and how he/she can resolve it:-

1. Motivation: By seeing the reaction of an employee just after the company has given a bonus or in the other way round the employee has been given a huge work load; the HR can gauge what actually motivates an employee.
While some employees may be motivated by a fat pay cheque some others may be motivated by more praise form manager or by getting a week off.

2. Open door policy: Just like everyone is a friend on social media, The HR can ensure that everyone is on cordial terms inside the workplace too. He can ensure this by an open door policy which can help the organization in better team building and collaborative culture.

3. More engaging learning experience: The HR can take help pf websites like youtube and applications like skype to make meetings and trainings more informal and also save time and money needed to arrange meetings.

4. Hiring: Many websites like Facebook have the options of making groups or advertising in the website; the HR’s can take help of these to shortlist potential employees for a particular job. This option particularly reduces the hiring costs and saves a lot of time.


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