Certifications: Need or Necessity?

Certifications: Need or Necessity?


You are a capable developer. You do the given job to your best capability, You deliver the projects on time.

Why do u need a certification? When u look around you are you the only one who can do this job?


There are hundreds and thousands of people who can do the same thing. They are chances that may do a better job. So what do you do to distinguish yourself from these people?

You get validated on your skills!

Now, what do you do? Can the company whose about too hire take the word of your colleague? Or listen to your friend? No!

This is when a THIRD PARTY CERTIFICATION comes into the picture. This is some XYZ company that provides a method for validating the skills you possess. They evaluate you based on some pre-determined methods and in the method give a written consent that they vouch for your talent! So when an employer sees this he’s convinced that he’s hiring the right person for the job.

Certifications are good and you need to decide the path you’re going to take for acquiring them.

Here’s why its good is certified:

  • Shows that the skills you’ve acquired are in trend!
  • Says that you’ve taken an initiative to validate yourself
  • Distinguishes you from your peers
  • Instills confidence in the management that while moving towards a new technology that the staff is ready for implementing the change
  • Provides you with personal satisfaction that youve mastered a new skill

So now you’ve been certified on your skill. XYZ says you are good at Python, PHP etc. Now is that necessary?

Let’s see the arguments against being certified:

  • Some people may have aced the test just because they are good at taking tests or memorizing certain facts.(Now that’s unfair!)
  • Nothing can replace your experience!
  • Technology changes so fast that by the time you get certified on some time it might have been updated  or replaced already!(Depends..i know people who still make a decent living working on COBOL(it was supposed to be dead by now!))
  • Certifications are a revenue stream for “some”companies: Notice the emphasis on some. Look at VSkills its Govt. Certified so you’re good!

There will always be people who are forgetting certified and people who are against it! It’s up to you to evaluate the merits and demerits.

And if you think its time to get certified click here!

Click here for government certifications

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