Career planning…
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Career planning...

Just after completing the boundary of our schools we are in an pool of educational choices and we need to make a proper choice of our own in order to land some proper jobs for us, this is because whatever choice we will make we will be reading the same for the rest of our lives and we will even be working on the same. Now many people will give you many opinions . Some may say that to go for the stream where a job will land you the most lump sum money . Whereas the other person may say you to land with the stream that you have interest in , just as the saying goes. Choose the job that you like and you will never be working even for once in your life.

Thus, here we stand looking at the different options available before us just after the twelfth standard is passed-

1. Honors – this stream deals basically with the study of the core subjects namely physics, chemistry and mathematics or English .The students after passing through the course in awarded an B.Sc or B.A degree ( if he or she peruses in arts subjects )

2.Commerce- this chartered accountancy is what passes in our minds if we have have passed our twelfth from a commerce stream. However this stream is like any other stream as hard as the others .In fact chartered accountancy may be regarded as an steady stream and a well paid job as well

3. Medical- this stream deals with the study of medical details and gives a degree Mbbs after one has successfully completed this.

4. Engineering – As the stream say this field deals with the study of the engineering subjects. Some of which may be computer science and engineering , electrical engineering, mechanical engineering , electrical and electronics engineering , aeronautical engineering , marine engineering ,  biochemical engineering , nuclear engineering,and many others. In fact  this is the most common field perused by Indian youth after  their twelfth.

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