Can old age still have a happy ending ?

Can old age still have a happy ending

“Old age homes are the best option for the old people in today’s fast paced life” says a recent study.

What is your take on this ? Do you think it is a correct conclusion?

Let me start by taking you guys back to those good old days. India, which used to be a land of cultures, traditions and religions, a place where the day used to start usually with the blessings of elderly, touching their feet, joining hands in front  of them and saying ‘Namaste’ , these gestures of ours were thought to add a great start to the day ahead, a place where parents  were considered God , were respected; a place which now no longer exists.

Now let us come back to the world  of today, India now is a place where everybody is busy in their own lives, today’s  competitive world has made us all selfish, nobody has time for their parents, parents who were once thought of as God are now ill-treated  and sometimes beaten up too! Dont get shocked listening to all of this. This isn’t the end, this is just the beginning. Elders nowadays are considered  burden on their children. Those children whom they have raised up with their own blood, sweat, efforts and blessings.

We all must not forget that a man’s life is normally divided into five stages namely : infancy,  childhood, adolescence, adulthood and old age and also that nobody has drunk that elixir which helps you stay young forever. With age comes different  situations  and different  problems that people generally have to face. Life is a vicious circle. The youngsters of today are the adults of tomorrow. The old age brings its own problems. In old age, physical strength deteriorates, mental stability diminishes and so at this last stage of life, parents can only expect some help from their own children. Parents who have given up everything just to ensure that their child grows up safe and is ready to face the world ahead; expects the same when they need it. So when time comes, it becomes the moral obligation of the children thus to take care of their parents themselves rather than have strangers to take care of them. But what actually happens is just the opposite.

Shunned or abandoned by their families,  these senior  citizens  generally end up landing in one or the other old age homes where the much needed care and affection of their family members especially their children is off course sadly missing. How do you expect any stranger to provide solace to these people in their twilight years?

It is certainly the breakup of  the system of the joint family and the introduction of the nuclear family concept in India that has led this unhappy situation to enter our society and thus old age homes have had to come up to cater to the needs of the elderly. All the inmates are there in these old age homes not for  the love of being away from their homes amd being independent, but because there is no alternative actually left for them, once they are neglected and unwanted in their own homes, by their own children. The only solace is that, they’re  getting their daily requirements of food and shelter-if not bonds of love from their families.

It is the family atmosphere and basically the love and affection of their children that parents generally miss at these old age homes.

It is not just the senior citizens who are affected but also their families. You might be wondering how!

First of all,the experience is certainly the foremost attribute that youngsters can gain from their parents and grand parents.

Secondly, it is the bond between the parents and the children that unites the entire family .

Thus, I am firmly against against this opinion that old age homes are the best option for the elderly in today’s world and so would  like to conclude by saying that :

Love your parents. We are so busy growing up, that we often forget that they’re also growing  old.

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