Bridging the Telecom and Data Gap

Bridging the Telecom and Data Gap

The best way to bridge the gap between Telecom and Terabytes of data can be achieved by introducing Big Data. Big data, to most people, has become the latest fuzz word for achieving competitive advantage. Communication Service Providers (CSPs) have always lived in the world of Big Data.

Every Activity in the Communication world generates data i.e. from network performance, to traffic prioritization and bandwidth utilization. Each operation generates nonstop packets of information that are quite large in size, so it has become challenge for all CSPs to manage that data. CSPs like Wipro has never been a lack of information but dealt that information into real time business units to maximize profit.

Now a days Digital data is considered as gold of 21 century, which gives the opportunity to understand the customers and help to improvise the service at an unparalleled level. Providing services by analysing gathered statistics directly impact on customer experience and feedback for the business organization.

CSPs want to start with the data that is freely available and see where it leads. The analysed data brings out a generalised and clear view of the activities or services that has been performed and given by the CSPs for the sake of customer. Sometimes, these services bring out the obvious connections like which involves generation of extra log files and large amount of cache.

Data challenges like collection of large amount of data and using edge analytics over it and sending back only the most important data, so that data do not flood the network are the major concerns for Communication Service Providers.

Complexities in architecture of network throughout telecom industry led to growth in requirement for managing systems which ultimately affects the data consumption and generation. 4G mobile and superfast fibre broadband are the most convergent strategies adopted by today’s Telecom Service Providers and these adopted technologies generates legacy data for today’s operator. Hence an optimized solution for managing these data is big data analytics.

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