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Facebook or FB, as they most often say is one of the most surfed and visited sites over the Internet today. With around more than 3 billion users globally, this social networking site, once not even known about, is one that each and every individual uses today.

Founded in 2004 by  Mark Zuckerberg, with his college roommates and fellow students at the Harvard University has its origins in California, USA. Initially  created as a simple user profile website, FB today has a variety of features and options that allow the users to surf the net while they exchange messages, pictures, updates, videos, notifications and what not.People can accept, send and even reject friendship requests that again gives them the choice of filtering their friend lists and sharing their life with only those whom they know.

Apart from this, FB also comes with a very unique feature of privacy setting: a setting that further allows you to filter people in your friend list so that you are visible to only those who you want to.

Facebook is also available on public offering; initiating just 3 months after it was founded, reaching a market peak capitalization of 104 billion too soon!

Though speaking of the ownership percentages of the company, Mr, Mark owns only 28% of the total shares; this man is the one who is credited with the invention of this site and the mind behind this great idea.

Quite interestingly, almost 90% of the total revenue for FB comes from advertising; something that most of the big brands are resorting to these days. FB advertising is one of the cheapest and the most effective means by which a label can be easily made known to people. Though this site has often been criticized as being used as a platform for hacking accounts and other cyber crimes; the number of users have not gone down. Rather, the toll is on an increase with each day!

Well… why go far? Can you spend a month without FB? I’m sure most of you cannot!


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