Are we not smart enough to move past fossil fuels ?

Are we not smart enough to move past fossil fuels

Desperate needs call for desperate measures .Now the time has come which is demanding,from the youth,from the society,sources of energy that can last years,moreover cleaner sources of energy.

The first law of thermodynamics tells us that “energy can neither be created nor destroyed,it can only be converted from one form to another”.From the accidental discovery of fire to causing fire by accident,man has come through it all and learnt from it all.If we have learnt so much about the laws and the matter around us,is it that difficult to obtain different sources of energy.And if obtained,is it that difficult to put them in use?

We already know about the various renewable sources of energy like wind and hydro Β power and we also know the disadvantages of the present source of energy we use(fossil fuels).After knowing it all,we keep using them because it is helping us maintain our daily routine and no one likes to deviate from it.And because of that people do not pay attention to the need of using renewable sources of energy and Β not making use of fossil fuels.We already know what we are capable of,if we can reach moon and go to space,finding new sources of energy and putting them to use is no big deal.And once this happens,we can put a full stop to the use of fossil fuels and say hello to a greener and cleaner world.

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