Animals: The suffering naive

Animals The suffering naive

Man is perhaps the only animal who ill- treats and even kills other animals for his pleasure. He destroys their natural habitats and ruthlessly kills animals for their skin, bones and meat, although he is not a meat eater by nature and holds life sacred.

Did u know that countless animals and birds are killed , mutilated or decapitated in the name of scientific experiments, testing and research? Rats , rabbits , birds and monkeys are not only kept in cramped and over -crowded cages but also subjected to ruthless treatmentbin a cold – blooded way in labs. The poor silent souls can’t even express the pain and suffering they are subjected to.

Did you know there is a zoo in Lusaka, Zambia and in one of the cage it is wriiten “The most dangerous animal in the world” but to your surprise there is a mirror inside the cage that means human itself is a most dangerous animal.

Children can play an important role in stopping this cruelty to animals. They must join hands to create world – wide awareness for the ethicalvand humane treatment of animals. They can join protest and rallies against animal testing and launch signature campaigns for this purpose.

Youth of the world , animals and birds cry for a help.

            If not you, then who?

            If not here, then where?

            If not now, then when?

so,     THINK OF IT, ACT ON IT!!

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