A Professional is just an amateur.

A Professional is just an amateur who didn’t get distracted


What encourages a being to be a professional?. So what happened to your weight loss routine? Must be 6 packs by now? And you , shouldn’t you be skydiving near Alps right now? Did you eat right ? quit smoking ? stop porn ? study management ? Kill your boss? Save Syria? Did News ? Learnt Guitar ? Send money to home ? jog daily ? Grew up more?  or framed life plans by now ? If you are among 98 % of this overrated human civilization, the answer is a regretful no.

Yes ,it almost a month after the new year what seems to have passed ages ago , when we were at this hype excitement stage when we thought everything was possible And now , just like the tides wash away your name scratched in a heart shape on the sand , all your resolutions have lost their priorities.  But let me tell you one truth, Everything is effing possible.

Lets just not the NEW YEAR EVE make you feel that. World Renowned Life coach and Author of Bestseller book The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari say   “ A Professional is just an amateur who didn’t get distracted “. Life is short, and every walk, every pull up counts. So if you thought on 1st January you will go gym daily and get that Ranveer Singh’s body, you can get it. January 1st must the busiest day of the gyms all over the world but mere 20 % people make it on the next day. Treat everyday as a new year ( excluding the booze please ) .shout it loud and Until your dreams dominate your mindsets, you will never wake up to your greatness. The regreat at the end of the year will be much more heavy than the dumbbells you require to roll up now.

Nothing is lost by now. It’s still time, fresh and welcoming as ever. Its still year ‘o’15. You can still start back on your resolutions. Get up and Kill it.


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