A Concept of Entrepreneur and Entrepreneurship

A Concept of Entrepreneur and Entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurs are Created! Not Born itself!!

Entrepreneurs can be consider as the fourth factor of Enterprise. The Economic progress of country depends upon industrial development but a nation solely  depends upon inner desire and entrepreneurial aspirations of the people. Therefore In setting up enterprises will generate employment and economic exchanges that impact to nation economy. The enterprise is the basic unit of economic organization. It produces goods and services worth more than resources. It incorporates four factors Land,Labour,Capital and entrepreneur.

Entrepreneurs are individuals setting up their own new enterprise leads to entrepreneurship. Entrepreneurship in  broad sense can be described as a process of an entrepreneur. It is a creative and innovative response to the environment. Entrepreneurship is the inclination of mind to take calculated risk with confidence to achieve a predetermined business objective. Factors that influencing the entrepreneurs are Components of creativity, motivational spirit and Communication ability.. The tools that include in business setting are Development programs, Market survey, Market Research and analysis, Financial awareness, Networking and bringing creativity in approach.

The Methodology to be adopted for becoming Entrepreneurial Skilled person always bear the capability of leader in its approach, vision and determination to lead and excel. Be an Entrepreneur to Excel the Nation and self.

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