5 qualities you need to be a good editor..

5 qualities you need to be a good editor in the publishing industry

The Editor and his Role

The Editor is the captain of the team whose wishes are command. A great editor is what makes a good newspaper. He is the one who decides which news shall appear, where and how. He is addressed as the father-figure on the news side. Before the story gets published it goes through the hands of the editor. He is the one who decides as to which story deserves to get published. Reporters may squirm over the editors blue pencil but at the end of the day it is the editor that makes their copy sing.

There are certain qualities required to be a proficient editor:

  • He should have a sound current affair’s background
  • He must be able to visualize not only how a story must be developed but its impact on the readership.
  • He should know the mechanical processes of newspaper production.
  • He must know how to summarize and boil down a long and tedious report
  • He must be a β€˜team man’ not a loner

A good editor will put himself in the place of the reader and ask himself whether the copy makes sense. An Editor should never presume that the reader knows the full background of a story.

The story that is being published should never be biased. An Editor must keep a close eye on story that is biased and not ethical.

The Editor manages the story and commands the staff. He should be respectful to his juniors and should guide them in a desired way. Also a strong foothold on grammar is a must.

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