5 Best Digital Citizen Courses and Certification to Learn in 2022

5 Best Digital Citizen Courses and Certification to Learn in 2022

Digital citizenship is an essential aspect to succeed as lifetime learners as it allows students to achieve and understand digital literacy, and ensure online safety, digital responsibility, cybersecurity, and digital well-being. Moreover, it helps individuals learn how to engage within a digital environment with responsibility and thus helps them develop as leaders who will leave a meaningful impact on others’ life.

So, if you are someone who is willing to update their current level of knowledge on digital citizenship then follow us till the end of the blog and you’ll get to find the 5 Best Digital Citizen Courses and Certification to Learn in 2022. Let’s begin with knowing the roles and responsibilities of a digital citizen.


The responsibilities of a digital citizen are-

  • Behaving properly while interacting with others.
  • Following the codes of conduct for every site on the Internet.
  • Respecting other’s ideas.
  • Not using or sharing others’ work without permission.
  • Obeying intellectual property laws.

5 Best Digital Citizen Courses and Certification to Learn in 2022

Today, when there are plenty of sources offering different courses on your subject of interest, it becomes somewhat confusing to choose the one that meets all your requirements. So, here we are to guide you by providing a list of the 5 Best Digital Citizen Courses and Certification to Learn in 2022. This will help you analyze your needs and their offerings and find out which of the courses will be helpful for you. So, without any further waste of time let’s directly look at what we are here for-

1. Certified Digital Citizen by Vskills

This government certification course on digital citizenship aware the candidates of, the way look out, choose, and streamline information, and how to select an authentic and real source of information. Holistically, in this course, you get to learn all about digital citizenship beginning from its basics to digital laws, etiquette, security, and health. Following are some other important details and the course outline that you should know before applying for this program.


Course Details

  • Validity of certificate- Lifetime
  • Government certified
  • Fees-Rs 3499
  • Learning hours- 12 hrs

Course Outline

  • Digital Citizen Basics
  • Digital Access
  • Digital Commerce
  • Digital Communication
  • Digital Literacy
  • Digital Etiquette
  • Digital Law
  • Digital Rights and Responsibilities
  • Digital Security
  • Digital Health

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2. Digital Citizenship and Safety Course by Chromebook

This course is specifically designed to teach teachers and students to learn how can they help build a positive and safe experience online. The course is such that by reading, watching videos, and doing certain activities, you get to learn the way to integrate digital citizenship and safety activities into the classroom curriculum. Moreover, the outline course is mentioned below for your reference-


Course Outline

Introduction: Why Teach Digital Citizenship and Safety?

Unit 1: Teach Students About Internet Safety and Privacy

Unit 2: Online Safety on the Go

Unit 3: Savvy Searching

Unit 4: Stay Safe from Phishing and Scams

Unit 5: Manage Your Online Reputation

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3. Digital citizenship by Oeru

This free-of-cost digital citizenship course is the second of the four LiDA micro-courses, where one can develop a positive digital online identity in support of learning commensurate with the sound practice for security, privacy, as well as interpersonal communications. Thus, you may appear for this program considering the flexible schedules and other important details given below.

Course Details

  • Code- LIDA102
  • Duration- 2 weeks
  • Type- Micro course

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4. Digital Citizenship and Media Literacy: Sharing the Responsibility by europass teacher academy

In this course, candidates enhance their knowledge of the complex personal and social issues that are involved in allowing students to learn, work, and interact online, for themselves and also as representatives of their families and school communities. Moreover, it will also lay emphasis on the importance of teachers guiding their students in behavior that’ll keep them safe in the online surroundings. Thus, this course will help you enhance your current level of knowledge.


Course Details

  • Duration-1 week
  • Price: 480 €
  • Certificate of attendance

Course Outline

  • Course introduction
  • Digital security
  • Digital citizenship agreements for schools
  • Digital wellness
  • Discussion and roundtable
  • Course closure & excursion

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5. Digital Citizenship in Action by ISTE

This course will help you learn the way to teach and model digital citizens so that you can help students be actively responsible in online communities. It’ll cover the fundamentals and would further move outwards to guide in exploring different sets of learning standards, identifying frameworks, integrating digital citizens across content areas, and also sharing the way students can connect online to participate in social justice as well as sustainability projects. Some other important details of this course are as follows-


Course Details

  • Cost: $186 / $249
  • Duration-15hrs
  • Instructor-led

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With this, we’ve reached the end of the blog discussing nearly all the best sources that provide online courses on digital citizenship. We hope this will turn out to be beneficial for you and would help you decide the best course to opt for. So, right away enroll in any of the above courses and boost your knowledge as a digital citizen.


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