10 Best Material Management Certification and Courses in 2022

10 Best Material Management Certification and Courses in 2022

Materials management as the name suggests deals with the management functions which support the complete cycle of material flow, starting from the purchase and internal control of production materials to the planning as well as control of work in process to warehousing, shipping, and the distribution of the finished product. So, for people who wish to enhance their knowledge about the dynamics of the supply chain market, materials management is definitely a great career choice. Thus, if you also wish to explore a career in materials management then just stick to the blog till the end and you’ll find the 10 Best Material Management Certification and Courses in 2022. To begin with, let’s look at the roles, responsibilities, and required skills of a materials manager.


As a Materials Manager, one is required to-

  • oversee the coordination of the inventory and purchasing departments of a company
  • research best price
  • monitor inventory levels
  • negotiate contracts
  • distribute supplies

Recommended skills

To begin with, let’s discuss the basic skills that one is recommended have before going for a certification course in material management-

  • Analytical thinking
  • Knowledge of inventory management
  • Some experience in budgeting and forecasting
  • Problem-solving aptitude
  • Good Communication skills
  • Organization skills
  • Decision-making skills

10 Best Material Management Certification and Courses in 2022

For people who wish to start their career in Material Management, this is the right place as here we provide you with the 10 Best Material Management Certification and Courses in 2022 offered by the best-known online educational sites and institutes that will both boost your skills and will also validate your knowledge on various professional platforms and your CV. So, without any more waste of time, let’s directly look at the 10 Best Material Management Certification and Courses to start your career in 2022.

1. Certified Material Management Professional by Vskills

This certification course tests you for the company’s need for material and inventory management. It provides you with knowledge in various areas such as purchasing procedures, RFID, EOQ, stores management, codification, accounting system, ERP, foreign exchange regulation, electronic applications, and e-commerce. Thus, it is a good choice for professionals and graduates looking forward to excelling in the field of materials management. Following are some important details and the course outline that you should know before enrolling in this course.


Course Details

  • Study material- Hard copy available
  • Learning hours- 15 hrs
  • Certification validity- Lifetime
  • E-learning access- Lifelong

Course Outline

1. Overview of materials management

2. Purchasing procedures

3. Stores management

4. Inventory control

5. Input systems of inventory management

6. Importance of materials management

7. Importance of e-commerce

8. ERP nad its implementation

9. Other issues

Apply for the course

2. Circular Economy – Sustainable Materials Management by Coursera

This course focuses on the fact where materials in products that we use every day come from and the way these materials can be used much longer, efficiently, and in closed loops. Thus, this course aware you of the objective of the Circular Economy that is the result of choices and strategies by suppliers, businesses, designers, policymakers, and all of us as consumers. So, you should go for this certification if you wish to develop your fundamental skills in sustainable materials management but before that keep note of the following important details.


Course Details

  • Shareable certificate
  • Level- Beginner
  • Subtitles: Arabic, French, Portuguese, Italian, Vietnamese, German, Russian, English, Spanish
  • Ratings-4.8
  • Duration- 19 hours

Course Outline

  • Introduction- Materials
  • Circular Business Models
  • Circular Design, Innovation and Assessment
  • Policies and Networks
  • Circular Societies

Apply for this course

3. SAP Material Management Consultant Training Beginner to Adv by Udemy

This module on SAP MM includes all master data, system configuration as well as transactions to complete the Procure to Pay process. This procedure map spans from MRP-generated procurement proposals via final invoice receipt and verification. This certification will not only boost your skills but will prepare you professionally as well. So, this training program by Udemy is a good option for candidates willing to start their careers as management consultants.


Course Details

  • Certification validity- Lifetime
  • 10 hours on-demand video
  • Fees- Rs 3200/-

Course Outline

  • Introduction to SAP and SAP MM
  • Material management concepts
  • Purchasing
  • Purchase requisitions
  • Structure of Rfq and quotation
  • Purchase orders
  • Information
  • Optimized purchasing
  • Reporting in purchasing
  • Condition types
  • Material requirement planning
  • Quota arrangements
  • Vendor evaluation
  • Logistics invoice verification
  • External service management
  • Qm in procurement

Apply for the course

4. Certificate Program in Materials Management by Weschool

This specialization emphasizes the concept that material is money. It allows the candidate to better understand how the cost of material can make the industry competitive, helps the candidates to understand that this function can also increase the profitability of a business organization. Hence, if you want to understand the significance of the materials department in a company and develop yourself as able managers in today’s growing business function then simply go for this certification. So, go through the following details and course outline first in order to be aware of the prerequisites and other information.

Course Details

  • Study material included
  • Fees- Rs 11, 800/-
  • Language- English

Course Outline

  • Principles of Management
  • Marketing Management
  • Business Communication
  • Purchasing & Materials Management
  • Production Management

Apply for this course

5. Managerial Decision Making – Materials and Warehousing by Alison

This is a free-of-cost course that explains the operation of warehouses and the way they benefit from automation. As you know that running a warehouse is not for the faint of heart because it needs decisive leadership and a clear-eyed vision of the future. Thus, this course suits candidates interested in warehouse administration. Moreover, some other important details of this program are as follows-


Course Details

  • Learning duration- 1.5-3 hrs
  • Language- English
  • Accreditation- CPD
  • Prerequisites- None

Course Modules

  • Managerial decision making- materials
  • Decision making for materials
  • Assessment

Apply for the course

6. Learning SAP MM (Materials Management) by LinkedIn Learning

This course helps you learn how to run with SAP Material Management. It provides you with a high-level look at the process of materials management in SAP MM, and also how it integrates with different SAP modules. Moreover, it also shows you how to create material master records and approach the inventory management, purchasing, and physical inventory processes. So, if you wish to enhance your knowledge on these topics then straightaway enroll in this program.

Course Details

LinkedIn Learning
  • Level- Intermediate
  • Duration- 1hr 13min
  • Amount- ₹1,849.99*

Course Outline

1. Materials Management Overview

2. Master Data

3. Purchasing

4. Inventory Management

5. Physical Inventory

Apply for the course

7. Emerging Trends in Materials Management by IIMM

This is an in-depth training program on the emerging trends in materials management. It is an ideal choice for people who wish to know all about this field of management. This course will provide you with everything you require to quickly ramp up and become an efficient materials manager. Hence, if this is what you are looking for then straightaway go for this course and boost your knowledge.


Apply for the course

8. Advance Diploma in Materials Management by ISBM

This is a one-year course designed for students who wish to attain professional development in materials management. This course will imbibe you with practical skills so that you can progress in your career and would be of interest to students ranging from different backgrounds and professions looking forward increase their knowledge and developing their careers.


Course Details

  • Course fee- 14900 INR
  • Duration
    • Fast Track:3 Months
    • Regular:1 Year

Course Outline

  1. Purchasing and Materials management
  2. Production Management
  3. Supply Chain Management
  4. Inventory Management

Apply for the course

9. Management of Inventory Systems by Swayam

This program introduces you to the fundamental concepts, statistical and other quantitative methods, and techniques employed in the wide area of materials management, inventory control, and management. So, UG or PG level students who wish to gain basic to advanced level knowledge on this topic should apply for this exam. Some important details of this course are as follows-


Course Details

  • Learning duration- 12 weeks
  • Course type- Elective
  • Level- UG, PG
Course Outline
  • Introduction to Inventory and Materials Management
  • Inventory Problems and Selective Inventory Management
  • Static Inventory Problems under Risk
  • Static Inventory Problems under Uncertainty
  • Dynamic Inventory Problems under Certainty
  • Dynamic Inventory Problems under Risk
  • MRP, MRP-II and DRP
  • JIT-based Approaches for Materials Management
  • Basics of Purchasing Management
  • Value Engineering/Analysis and Stores Management
  • Logistics and Supply Chain Management

Apply for the course

10. Diploma In Material Management by IISDT

This course includes various aspects of logistics, storage management, risk management, and supply chain management, etc. Alongside, it has the following benefits-

  • Government Authorized Assessment Agency Certification
  • Validity for Lifetime
  • Verification of Certificate for Lifetime
  • Free Job Assistance

Course Details

  • Course fee- Rs 3000
  • Course Id: DMM/Q001.
  • Education Qualification: 10th
  • Language- English

Apply for the course

So, we’ve discussed all the major sources which provide the best courses on material management. Hopefully, this blog will help you decide which course suits you the best. So, don’t wait anymore and right away enroll for any of the above courses and boost your skills in material management.


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