10 Best Kaizen Courses and Certification to Learn in 2022

10 Best Kaizen Courses and Certification to Learn in 2022

There’s something or the other that can be improved always, and there are various ways of doing so. Similarly in businesses, every person and organization wishes to improve continuously for better results and that is where the role of Kaizen comes into the picture. Kaizen not just focuses on one area but across several aspects of a business simultaneously without waiting for problems to arise. Thus, companies demand Kaizen professionals who possess expertise in using business tools like Kaizen for their businesses.

In order to be industry-ready, enrolling in a good course that complements your interest is really beneficial. So, if you are also among those candidates who wish to build a career in Kaizen then simply follow us till the end of the blog as here you’ll get to find the 10 Best Kaizen Courses and Certification to Learn in 2022. Let’s begin with knowing the roles and responsibilities of a Kaizen professional.


As a Kaizen professional, one is required to-

  • Identify opportunities for enhancement
  • Ensure results over long-term
  • Suggest solutions
  • Implement alternatives

10 Best Kaizen Courses and Certification to Learn in 2022

Choosing a course that meets all your requirements is not an easy job as there are several sources that offer a variety of courses on Kaizen. So, here we are to guide you by providing a list of the 10 Best Kaizen Courses and Certification to Learn in 2022. This will help you analyze and find which of these courses meet your requirements. So, without any further waste of time let’s directly look at what we are here for-

1. Certified Kaizen Professional Course by Vskills

This certification program tests your knowledge as per the organization’s need to implement and maintain Kaizen programs. It provides you knowledge on several areas including Kaizen management, TPM, total flow management, 5S, Kaizen control, OEE, total service management, KAIZEN training, and tools. Following are some other important details and the course outline that you should know before enrolling in this course.


Course Details

  • Validity of certificate- Lifetime
  • Government certified
  • Fees-Rs 3499
  • Learning hours- 13 hrs

Course Outline

  • Kaizen Basic
  • Kaizen Management
  • Kaizen Control
  • Total Productive Maintenance
  • Total Flow Management
  • Kaizen Training
  • Kaizen Tools

Apply for the course

2. Preview KAIZEN™ Online Training by Kaizen Institute Online

This online training program contains flexible and comprehensive video content that is specifically focused on topics like continuous improvement, Gemba walking, 5S, mistake-proofing, and much more. Moreover, keep note of the following important details before applying for it.


Course Details

  • On-demand
  • Multiple languages available
  • Based on real problems

Apply for this course

3. Agile Retrospective: Continuous Improvement+Kaizen wth Scrum by Udemy

This course provides a concise overview of sprint retrospectives. It teaches you the facts based on real industry experience, the appropriate terminologies, and proper methods that are essential to mastering it. This short course is therefore a very good option if wish to gain fundamental knowledge of Kaizen. Thus, you may appear for this program considering the flexible schedules and other important details given below.


Course Details

  • Certification validity- Lifetime
  • Fee- Rs3499
  • 3 articles
  • Accessible on- TV and mobile
  • Learning hours- 1.5 hrs

Course Contents

  • Introduction
  • Tips 1-29
  • Bonus material

Apply for the course

4. Kaizen Training and the Lean Six Sigma Approach by Purdue University

This comprehensive online Kaizen Training and the Lean Six Sigma Approach program is specially designed for working professionals with different levels of experience in using Lean Six Sigma. This course prepares professionals to satisfy the demand for Kaizen expertise, skills, as well as certification. Thus, this course will help you enhance your current level of knowledge.

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5. Kaizen Approach – Lean Methodology for Continuous Improvement by Alison

This free online Kaizen course teaches the way one can use the lean methodology in order to encourage continuous improvement in the team. So, by the end of this course, you’ll understand the importance of Kaizen Approach activities such as continuous improvement programs, and how can they be used with lean methodology. Moreover, you’ll learn the way to enact cultural change in organizations through Kaizen principles, philosophy, and action plans. Some other important details of this course are as follows-

Course Details

  • Self-paced
  • Duration-1.5-3hrs
  • Flexible schedule
  • Publisher- S. M. Waqas Imam

Topics covered

  • Introduction To Kaizen Philosophy And ConceptsNot Started
  • The Elements Of Kaizen ProcessNot Started
  • The Kaizen Event, Story And Its EvaluationNot Started
  • Course Assessment

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6. The Kaizen Way by Gemba academy

This program intro­duces you to the Kaizen method­ol­o­gy and teaches why Kaizen is an important ele­ment in any Lean system. You get to learn about cre­ating Kaizen cul­ture, running a Kaizen event, and sharing exam­ples of how real orga­ni­za­tions apply­ these prin­ci­ples to dri­ve improvements. So, if you are someone who wishes to develop an understanding of Kaizen and its principles along with the required practical skills then this course is for you.

Gemba academy

Course Details

  • Duration-1hr 44min
  • On demand videos
  • Site-based sub­scrip­tion models

Apply for the course

7. Kaizen Leader Online Certification by Acuity University

This is a 2 monthly long online course on Kaizen that emphasizes comprehensive learning of the topic along with access to instructor and customer service support. In this course, you’ll cover topics starting from the Kaizen to its improvement methodologies, principles, and much more. Moreover, some other important details of the course to be kept in mind while applying are mentioned below.

Course Details

  • Fees- $175
  • Learning duration-2 months
  • Instructor-led
  • Quizzes included

Course contents

  • Kaizen Introduction
    • History of Kaizen
    • Kaizen vs Other Improvement Methodologies
    • Kaizen Event Roles and Responsibilities
    • Kaizen PDCA Overview (Plan, Do, Check, Act)
  • Plan Phase
    • Kaizen Event Charter
    • Kaizen Event Data Collection
    • Kaizen Event Data Display
    • Kaizen Event Planning
  • Do Phase
    • Process Mapping
    • Lean Efficiency Metrics
    • Process Value Analysis
    • Root Cause Analysis
    • Error Proofing
    • 5 S and 8 Wastes
    • Solution Selection
    • Implementation Planning
  • Check and Act Phase
    • Monitoring and Controlling the New Process
    • Standards Development
    • Solution Replication Opportunities Identification

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8. Kaizen Course by Project managers.org

This course on Kaizen provides you with fundamental knowledge of applying Kaizen and its principles. It covers topics ranging from Kaizen, its design, key components, uses, offers, and methods of removal of waste. So, if you wish to gain insights into what Kaizen is all about then this course will help you understand the concept well.

Project managers.org

Course Modules

  • What is Kaizen?
  • Kaizen design
  • Standardized Kaizen
  • Key Kaizen concepts
  • When to utilize Kaizen?
  • The Kaizen approach
  • How to use Kaizen?
  • Kaizen offers
  • The Five whys
  • Waste removal
  • Conclusion
  • Summation

Apply for this course

9. Online Class: Kaizen 101 – An Introduction by Universal Class

This introductory level Kaizen learning program provides you a practical introduction to Kaizen techniques, principles as well as concepts. It is designed in a way to help candidates and businesses adopt Kaizen tools and techniques, enhance productivity and resilience, eliminate waste, and decrease their costs. So, if this is what you are looking for in a Kaizen course then simply apply for this course and you’ll highly benefit.

Course Details

  • Lessons-12
  • Avg time-5hrs
  • Level-Introductory

Course Details

  • Introduction to Kaizen
  • The 3 Main Aspects of Kaizen
  • Kaizen-shift – The Need for Mindset Change
  • Kaizen Event
  • Kaizen and Six Sigma
  • Element and Factors of Kaizen
  • Kaizen – The Three Pillars
  • Hierarchy of Kaizen
  • The PDCA Cycle
  • Kaizen Implementation
  • Kaizen Tools and Standards – 7 Quality Control Tools
  • Kaizen Budgeting and Cost Reduction

Apply for the course

10. Introduction to Business Improvement: Lean Six Sigma, Kaizen, and Problem Solving by Future Learn

This course helps you explore some widely used tools and techniques in businesses today that include Lean Six Sigma, continuous improvement, Kaizen, and problem-solving. It also enables you to learn how you can improve your work processes practically, and eliminate waste in your business successfully. So, if you wish to upskill your level of understanding of business improvement tools then this is a good option for you to choose.

Course Contents

  • Introduction and history of the methodologies used
  • Tool and technique overview
  • Discuss and understand the basic of the tools and techniques
  • 5s / Workplace Organisation
  • Identifying waste in your processes
  • The benefits of a visual workplace
  • The use standardisation to aid problem solving

Apply for the course

So, we have discussed nearly all the best sources that provide online courses on Kaizen. We hope this will turn out to be insightful and will help you choose the best course for you. So, right away enroll in any of the above courses and kick-start your career as a Kaizen professional.


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