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    Why should I take Marketing Manager certification?

      This Vskills Certified Marketing Mangement certification will teach you important & crucial concepts in marketing management. Learn to analyse & assess market opportunities, create customer value and develop customer relationship by effectively applying marketing management theories and practices. You will also learn how marketing serves as a key element in an organization’s strategy.

        Study & Learn

        • Core Concepts in Marketing
        • Developing Marketing Strategies and Plans
        • Capturing Marketing Insights
        • Connecting With Customers
        • Analysing Consumer Markets & Business Markets
        • Identifying Market Segments and Targets
        • Building Strong Brands & Setting Product Strategy
        • E-Commerce Marketing Practices
        • Delivering Value & Shaping The Market Offerings

        How will I benefit from Marketing Manager certification?

        This course is designed to teach you necessary skills and knowledge required in managing the marketing functions within a business. Vskills Certified Marketing Manager finds employment in Banks, Private companies, MNCs, Corporates, and marketing agencies or marketing departments of various companies. Companies specializing in

        Companies specializing in marketing of products or services constantly hire skilled marketing managers. Various public and private companies also need marketing managers for their marketing departments. The course is ideal for any business professional, entrepreneur or marketer looking to improve their business and marketing skills.

        Companies that hire Marketing Manager

        Cipla Ltd., Titan, Zuari Cement, Kirloskar, Adecco India

        Marketing Manager Table of Contents


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        Introduction To Marketing Management
        • Defining Marketing for the 21st Century
        • Core Concepts in Marketing
        • Marketing Environment
        • Company Orientation towards Market Place
        • The Holistic Marketing Concept
        • Difference between Sales & Marketing
        Developing Marketing Strategies And Plans
        • Mission Statement
        • The Market
        • Competition - Direct and indirect
        • Sample Marketing Plan Outline
        Capturing Marketing Insights
        • Marketing Information Systems
        • Analysing the Macro environment
        • Marketing Research
        • Measuring Marketing Productivity
        • Forecasting and Demand Measurement
        • Marketing Mix Modelling
        Connecting With Customers
        • Creating Customer Value, Satisfaction, and Loyalty
        • Maximizing Customer Lifetime Value
        • Cultivating Customer Relationships
        • Customer Database and Marketing
        Analysing Consumer Markets
        • Factors influencing consumer behaviour
        • Major Psychological Processes
        • Buying Decision Process
        Analysing Business Markets
        • Organisational Buying
        • Business Buying Decision Process
        • Procurement Process
        • Managing B2B Customer Relationships
        Identifying Market Segments And Targets
        • Levels of Market Segmentation
        • Approaches to Segmenting Markets
        • Market Targeting
        Building Strong Brands
        • Measuring Sources of Brand Equity
        • Brand Image
        • Key Success Criteria
        • The Brand Value Chain
        Developing A Brand Equity Measurement System
        • Brand Audit
        • Brand Equity Management System
        Shaping The Market Offerings
        • Setting Product Strategy
        • Designing and Managing Services
        • Developing Pricing Strategies and Programs
        • The Business Name
        • Promotion
        • Customer service
        Delivering Value
        • Designing and Managing Integrated Marketing Channels
        • Role of Marketing Channels
        • Analyzing Customers’ Desired Service Output Levels
        • Identifying Major Channel Alternatives
        • Managing Retailing, Wholesaling, and Logistics
        • Channel Integration and Systems
        • The New Competition in Retailing
        • Legal and Ethical Issues in Channel Relations
        • The Value Chain
        • Value Delivery—Companies’ Requirement
        E-Commerce Marketing Practices
        • Pure-Click Companies
        • Brick-and-Click Companies
        • M-Commerce
        Communicating Value
        • Integrated Marketing Communications
        • Managing Personal Communications
        • Word of Mouth
        • Personal Selling and Sales Force
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