Certified Marketing Manager Table of Contents

Table of Content


Introduction To Marketing Management
  • Defining Marketing for the 21st Century
  • Core Concepts in Marketing
  • Marketing Environment
  • Company Orientation towards Market Place
  • The Holistic Marketing Concept
  • Difference between Sales & Marketing
Developing Marketing Strategies And Plans
  • Mission Statement
  • The Market
  • Competition - Direct and indirect
  • Sample Marketing Plan Outline
Capturing Marketing Insights
  • Marketing Information Systems
  • Analysing the Macro environment
  • Marketing Research
  • Measuring Marketing Productivity
  • Forecasting and Demand Measurement
  • Marketing Mix Modelling
Connecting With Customers
  • Creating Customer Value, Satisfaction, and Loyalty
  • Maximizing Customer Lifetime Value
  • Cultivating Customer Relationships
  • Customer Database and Marketing
Analysing Consumer Markets
  • Factors influencing consumer behaviour
  • Major Psychological Processes
  • Buying Decision Process
Analysing Business Markets
  • Organisational Buying
  • Business Buying Decision Process
  • Procurement Process
  • Managing B2B Customer Relationships
Identifying Market Segments And Targets
  • Levels of Market Segmentation
  • Approaches to Segmenting Markets
  • Market Targeting
Building Strong Brands
  • Measuring Sources of Brand Equity
  • Brand Image
  • Key Success Criteria
  • The Brand Value Chain
Developing A Brand Equity Measurement System
  • Brand Audit
  • Brand Equity Management System
Shaping The Market Offerings
  • Setting Product Strategy
  • Designing and Managing Services
  • Developing Pricing Strategies and Programs
  • The Business Name
  • Promotion
  • Customer service
Delivering Value
  • Designing and Managing Integrated Marketing Channels
  • Role of Marketing Channels
  • Analyzing Customers’ Desired Service Output Levels
  • Identifying Major Channel Alternatives
  • Managing Retailing, Wholesaling, and Logistics
  • Channel Integration and Systems
  • The New Competition in Retailing
  • Legal and Ethical Issues in Channel Relations
  • The Value Chain
  • Value Delivery—Companies’ Requirement
E-Commerce Marketing Practices
  • Pure-Click Companies
  • Brick-and-Click Companies
  • M-Commerce
Communicating Value
  • Integrated Marketing Communications
  • Managing Personal Communications
  • Word of Mouth
  • Personal Selling and Sales Force

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