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Why should I take Real Estate certification?

This course is ideal for those who have a desire to learn about real estate & have little or no knowledge of this field. It is also ideal for those in brokerages and leasing services, office buildings, industrial properties, as well as in property management, and counseling.

Vskills Real estate certification will help you increase your skills, proficiency, knowledge and marketability as a real estate professional. Candidates will develop a clear understanding of real estate sector and practical aspects of real estate markets, sale purchase, construction terminology.

Learn & Study

  • Business Planning and Marketing
  • Sales and Networking
  • Real Estate Pricing
  • Mortgage
  • Leasing
  • Real estate Regulations
  • Personnel Management

How will I benefit from Real Estate certification?

The real estate industry offers a wide variety of career opportunities. This certification is beneficial for students looking for employment in real estate sector, construction companies, real estate investment advisory firms, research departments of banks, teachers of real estate sector, managers of companies who wish to understand real estate as an area of operation, owners of small and medium real estate brokerage firms who want to have a better control over their trades and practically anyone having interest and looking to make a career in the Real Estate sector.

Real Estate Table of Contents


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Real Estate Sample Questions


Real Estate Mock Test 


Real Estate Interview Questions


Companies that hire Real Estate Consultants

Vskills Certfied candidate in real estate will find opportunities in big companies like KPMG, CBRE South Asia Pvt Ltd, Omaxe, DLF, Supertech, Adonis Staff Services.

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Introduction to Real Estate

  • Career Options in Real Estate
  • Residential vs. Commercial
  • Current Trends in the Real Estate Market

Successful Real Estate Consultant

  • Serving as a Fiduciary Representative
  • Working with other Real Estate Agents
  • Working with Agents in your Office
  • Time Management for a successful real estate consultant
  • Other Assets for a Successful Real Estate Agent
  • Successful Real Estate Agent: How to work with buyers
  • Successful Real Estate Agent : How to work with sellers
  • Partnering with the Other Agent
  • Some mistakes and how to avoid them for success

Business Planning

  • Forces driving Real estate business
  • Determining the influence of other regional markets
  • Studying Population migration patterns
  • Identifying and capitalizing on market trends
  • Compiling a marketplace analysis
  • Putting your research to work

Prospecting & Referrals

  • Prospecting for sellers
  • Prospecting for buyers
  • Important guidelines for prospecting
  • Targeting Prospects
  • Using direct mail
  • Don’t let distance become a barrier
  • Staying in touch via e-mail
  • Calling
  • Managing and Working with Referrals
  • Sources of referrals
  • Important tips to be referable

Sales & Marketing for your real estate business

  • Positioning your offering
  • Positioning yourself
  • Using publications that reach your target prospects
  • Choosing the right media outlets
  • Converting ad interest to call for action
  • Promoting Properties by Using Flyers
  • Internet and Real Estate
  • Types of agent web sites
  • Creating domain names
  • Converting lookers to leads
  • Converting leads to clients
  • Using popular sites
  • Putting your agency’s Web site to work
  • Virtual Tours
  • Digital Photos
  • Improving Home Decor for sales

Appraisal – Determining a home’s ideal price

  • Appraisal
  • Land Measurement Units in India
  • Determination of Real Estate Returns

Negotiating and Closing the Deal

  • Informing Clients (and Yourself) of What Happens Next
  • Advancing or Accepting an Offer
  • Presenting a buyer’s low offer
  • Receiving a buyer’s low offer
  • Taking the insult out of an insulting offer
  • Getting beyond emotion
  • Turning concessions into victories
  • Dealing with I win/you lose clients
  • Working with a Closing Team

Client Retention for Life

  • Achieving Relationship Excellence
  • Leveraging your client relationships
  • Defining your service standards
  • Life after transaction
  • Creating After-the-Sale Service
  • Establishing an ongoing communication strategy
  • The problem with commissions

Real Estate Legislative Issues

  • Various Laws Involved in Real Estate Transactions
  • Land Related Laws
  • Environment laws
  • Construction Laws
  • Registration Laws
  • Labour Laws

Transfer of Property: Legal introduction

  • Transfer of Property Act, 1882
  • Immovable Property
  • Transfer of Property
  • Verification of document of title
  • Operation of transfer
  • Lis Pendens
  • Registration Procedure
  • Land Titling Bill-2011
  • Transfer of immovable property and FEMA

Agreement to sell an immovable property

  • Scope
  • Execution of Incidental Documents
  • Registration of Agreement to Sell
  • Stamp duty payable on Agreement to Sell
  • Suit for specific performance of an Agreement to Sell

Sale of Immovable Property

  • Sale
  • Price/Consideration
  • Rights and Liabilities of the buyer and seller
  • Stamp Duty payable on Sale Deed
  • Registration of Sale Deed
  • Sale by Auction by the Order of the Court
  • Sale of immovable property and Income Tax Act
  • Sale and FEMA


  • Prerequisites of Mortgage
  • Types of Mortgages
  • Repayment methods
  • Interest rate deals

Lease of immovable property

  • Execution of Lease
  • Rights and Liabilities of the lessor
  • Rights and Liabilities of the Lessee
  • Termination of lease
  • Registration of a Lease Deed

Other Modes of Transfer of Property

  • Gift of an immovable property
  • Exchange as a Mode of Transfer
  • Transfer of Property by Inheritance

Other Regulations in Real Estate in India

  • Land Acquisition Act, 1984

Important Documents & the Registration Process

  • Documents that need compulsory registration
  • Authority where documents are to be Registered
  • Papers/documents/fees required for the Registration Process
  • Criteria for deciding the Case
  • Due Diligence for acquisition of property
  • Model Real Estate Law

Technology and the Real Estate office

  • Computer Hardware
  • Computer Software
  • Internet Tools for Marketing and Communication
  • Security and Computer Protection
  • Determining Office Technology Requirements

Personnel Management & the Real Estate Business

  • Job Analysis
  • Recruitment of Job Applicants
  • Personnel Selection
  • Training and Development
  • Performance Appraisal
  • Compensation and Incentive Plans
  • Sales Compensation


  • Project Registration
  • Promoter Functions and Duties
  • Allottees Rights and Duties
  • The Real Estate Regulatory Authority
  • The Real Estate Appellate Tribunal
  • RERA Offences, Penalties And Adjudication

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