Real Estate Consultant interview questions

As a real estate consultant or agent  you might be dealing with residential or commercial properties, but you will find these interview questions helpful to find a job in a real estate companies.

Q.1 How you address subordinate's under performance?
The correct path is to identify the root cause and address it. Listening to concerns of the subordinate is also done to understand their perspective and issues being faced.
Q.2 How you prioritize tasks in a busy schedule?
Task prioritization is based on classifying the tasks as per relevance, urgency, cost involved and resource availability. A to do list is used to list tasks to be done and in which sequence.
Q.3 How you delegate tasks to juniors?
Deciding the assignment of tasks is based on the skill level of the team member, availability and their past performance.
Q.4 If you have a customer home visit and an urgent emergency affecting the business, what will you choose?
I will choose addressing the emergency affecting the business
Q.5 List rights of a buyer in a sale of a real estate
The rights of a buyer in a sale involve benefits of any improvements, increase of value of the property and rents and profits.
Q.6 Should a power of attorney be registered?
No, power of attorney may be registered
Q.7 Does an will needs to be registered?
Yes, registration of will is mandatory to make it legally bound.
Q.8 An agreement to sell is enforced in what time duration?
As decided and agreed by either party
Q.9 Does an agreement to sell is a sale?
No, an agreement to sell is not a sale
Q.10 Will an agreement to sell be referred as a complete transfer?
No, an agreement to sell is not a complete transfer
Q.11 Explain On-the-job training
On-the-job training is a training method in which employees are trained in a real working environment or on the job.
Q.12 Which legal document should be registered compulsorily in a real estate sale/purchase?
Title Deed should be registered compulsorily
Q.13 Explain repayment mortgage
Repayment mortgage refers to a mortgage repayment method involving monthly repayments for an agreed period till the loan and the interest is not paid.
Q.14 Describe English Mortgage
English Mortgage refers to a mortgage in which the mortgagor repays the mortgage by a date and transfers property to mortgagee with condition of retransfer before the date on repayment.
Q.15 Illustrate usufructuary mortgage
Usufructuary mortgage is a mortgage in which property is transferred to the mortgagee and also receives the income from the property until the repayment of the loan though title deed is with the owner.
Q.16 What is required in a valid contract?
A valid contract requires competency of parties, free consent and lawful consideration.
Q.17 Does a minor is competent as a party of contract?
No, a minor is not a competent as a party of contract
Q.18 Can a lunatic competent as a party of contract?
No, a lunatic is not a competent as a party of contract
Q.19 Which contract type is not in writing?
Unenforceable contract is not in writing
Q.20 What is required for an exchange deed?
An exchange deed has to be written, registered and stamp duty should be paid for it.
Q.21 What is brokerage?
Brokerage is an activity of sale by an intermediary negotiating the transaction for payment.
Q.22 What is market value of a property?
The market value of a property is the most probable selling price though it does not reflect tax shelter benefits
Q.23 Does price and market value are identical?
No, price and market value are not identical.
Q.24 How does the commission paid for real estate brokerage determined?
The commission paid for real estate brokerage is based on the percentage of the gross sales price
Q.25 How to be organized in real estate consultancy?
Having a proper routine every day helps to be organized. Prioritization also helps.
Q.26 What type of customer response is: 'Tell me about it now’?
The customer response is of objection and wants details right away.
Q.27 How you will respond on telephone if customer's feedback is: I'm busy.’?
Please tell the appropriate time to call
Q.28 What will reply on phone against the customer response: 'You're wasting your time’?
We ensure to provide best services on real estate and if you permit, briefly tell the details
Q.29 How you will reply to the customer response: 'Your rates are expensive'?
Yes Sir, you're right, we can discuss it if allowed more time about the more benefits you derive.
Q.30 List your strengths as a real estate consultant
As a real estate consultant I am skilful in persuasive communication and relationship building due to which I have been consistently provided outstanding performance and sales.
Q.31 Is there any benefit of telesales?
Yes, telesales provides a personal interaction which is may not be present in other sales or marketing modes.
Q.32 When does a customer is reassured during a sales?
A customer is reassured at the closure of the sales transaction by again listing the benefits and services.
Q.33 During a telesales call, what should be done first after the call is connected?
We should confirm the prospect, after the call is connected.
Q.34 What is indicated by self-talk by a prospect?
Self-talk by a prospect refers to negative attitude of the prospect regarding the transaction.
Q.35 How will you attract new clients?
New clients are added by putting up marketing efforts which includes listing of real estate services on various e-commerce or property listing websites, using social media for attracting online client and using existing client base for more business.
Q.36 Tell us about your favorite selling experience
My favorite selling experience is when client is satisfied and feels content with the property shown to them and the property transaction is completed.
Q.37 For a new company how will you develop the client base?
As per our industry, client base is developed on basis of trust and service. Marketing efforts are involved for accessing new clients and to whom highest quality of services should be provided so that client is nurtured for future.
Q.38 List technological options used for selling and showing process
Digital marketing and videoconferencing tools are used for selling and showing process. Real time tours of the property with access to relevant plans or documents are also provided. Drones can also be used for the purpose as per need.
Q.39 How do you use the internet and social media to sell?
Social media is the most popular medium used primarily by companies to directly connect with customers and helps us in marketing, sales and customer support. New customers for selling can be accessed by listing existing customer's friends or contacts on social media like Facebook or Instagram, as well as posting or sharing new listings on social media and property listing websites on internet.
Q.40 How will you keep clients engaged during home visits?
I assess the property before and highlight the benefits to client before, during and after home visit. I also let client assess the property and resolve their query as soon as possible.
Q.41 List qualities of a good real estate consultant
The qualities of a good real estate consultant includes: communication and listening skills which lets the consultant better engage and relate to the client and gain trust for present or future transactions.
Q.42 How make sure of meeting the client's need for real estate?
A list of specific questions are asked to the client against the initial enquiry received by website or social media or property listing. This enables to better understand the client needs and suggest relevant properties.
Q.43 List most crucial factor affecting the consultant and buyer interaction
Communication is the most crucial factor affecting the consultant and buyer interaction
Q.44 What you as a salesperson put efforts for?
As a salesperson the real estate consultant should focus primarily on building long-term relationships with customers
Q.45 How many square yards are present in one acre?
4356 square yards are present in one acre
Q.46 What is a deed in real estate?
A deed is a legal document for transferring ownership rights to real estate.
Q.47 Who is protected by including a lease renewal option in a lease?
The tenant is protected by including a lease renewal option in a lease
Q.48 What are the important factors to consider for approval of a mortgage loan?
The important factors to consider for approval of a mortgage loan are: income and assets of the buyer or applicant and the property to be purchased.
Q.49 How do you relate to working in a team of real estate consultant?
Real estate consultancy is a team work as it involves various aspects on legal, commercial, customer service. I had good experience in the past as I had made good sales with support of my team members and colleagues.
Q.50 How you manage conflict?
Conflict management is done by using various conflict resolution techniques like collaborating, forcing, accommodating, avoiding or compromising depending upon the situation.
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