Group dynamics 01

10 Ways to have better Group Dynamics

Understanding Group Dynamics There is no specific definition of a group. Some feel that two or more persons interacting with each other form a group. Other definitions state that for a body of persons to be perceived as a group there should be a degree of structure or permanency. In a general sense we can say that a group is a collection of people who interact with each other and perceive themselves as a single…

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leadership definition | how to become a leader

Leadership Definition | What makes a Good Leader

Definition of Leadership Leadership can be understood as the ability to instigate motivation amongst others that results in the improvement in the quality of the work. Leadership is a trait necessary for an executive to influence the attitude of the worker towards the work thereby influencing the overall efficiency of the work itself. One can define leadership as the capacity of an executive to enhance the degree of accomplishment of certain goals. Positivity, confidence, and…

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GYM yoga

YOGA or GYM – Which one is better?

You must have start wondering! Which one is better? Yoga or Gym. But wait. It’s not the way it seems like. First of all, you must know that both yoga and gym come under one category and that is ‘Fitness’. But if both come under one category that doesn’t mean they should be compared. Yoga has its own advantages and so do the gym. Why can’t we think over to the point that both are…

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Social media marketing tools

20 Best Social Media Marketing Tools

Are you having trouble in managing your social media campaigns? Are you able to answer your customers on time? Do you know what your customers are taking about you? Do you know where you can create awesome social media campaigns? Do you know you can manage all your social media accounts at one place? Do you have insights of your social media campaigns? In a shorter run it is easier to manage social media accounts…

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Labour laws in India

All you need to know about Labour Laws in India

Significance of labour A nation’s development is significantly depended on its labour force. By the term “nation’s development” we mean the GDP of a nation. Gross domestic product (GDP) is the monetary value of all the finished goods and services produced within a country in a specific time period. Thus, we see that GDP is related to production of goods and services. Production is undertaken with the aid of resources which are categorised into land,…

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IT Skills in Demand 2019

Top 10 IT Skills in Demand – 2019

First let us see what do we understand by the Term IT? Information technology means keeping data we have or to use the data that is collected for some business or other enterprise. IT is said to be a subset of information and communications technology. Growing Importance of IT sector in India The Indian IT sector has played a great role in contributing to the economic progress of India and the ever expanding socio-economic infrastructure…

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Software testing tools

5 Best Software Testing Tools

What is Testing? It is a process in which pre-scripted tests are executed on a software application before their production release to check for any defect. Types of Testing Manual Testing It’s a manual process to check for defects if any, while performing this tester must have the stance of an end user. And ensuring all the features are working as stated in the requirement document. The Automated Testing It has an objective to simplify…

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hr practices - training and development essential

Training and Development | Essential HR Practices

Training and Development is an essential practice for any organization. It helps firms to enhance employee performance and track their productivity. It is expected of training interventions to bring forth productive results for the organization’s goals. Developing the knowledge base of employees, skill enhancement, human resource utility and teaching of new concepts and ideas are the kind of engagements that are included in it. However, this intervention in itself is a rather expensive investment. The…

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CSR Vskills

CSR Activities of Indian Companies

In the 21st Century, modern business organisations no longer work in isolation. Their activities have an effect on consumers, shareholders, suppliers, employees and the society at large. Corporations depend on the society and draw from the society in the form of roads, educated workforce, railways, electricity, water resources and land. Thus, it is their duty to contribute to the society too. Thus, the main objective of corporations is no longer profit maximization. In today’s age…

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Paid ads

Top 7 Reasons to Spend on Paid Advertisements

More than 4 billion search happens every day and we need to understand the importance of showing up for relevant search queries. Every second, more than 70,000 searches happen on Google Search Network (GSN), 1000 posts are shared on Instagram, 30,000 posts shared on Facebook and 75,000 videos are seen on YouTube. Everyone here is already finding an answer/ solution. With this sort of information, there is definitely a need to outrank competition and get…

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