importance of workplace communication

Why workplace communication is essential to thrive in an organization

Communication is the sister of leadership. –John Adair As human beings, communication is one of the most essential basis for our survival. We thrive to put across our ideas, to be heard and to effectively learn from others. In an era where we equate our success to how far we reach in our career, it becomes essential to enhance our communication skills. As we often hear, communication is the key to becoming a good leader…

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how to begin with public speaking

Public speaking | Master the art & overcome your fear

What is public speaking Public speaking is an act of speaking to a group of people with an intention of informing them regarding any agenda.This is basically a one sided conversation where one person of an established platform (for instance, CEO of any company or principal of any school ) spreads the information to the people (for example, employees of any company or students and teachers of a school), if that information concerns everyone. When…

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career in creative writing

What is creative writing? & How to become a better creative writer?

What is creative writing? In a very general definition, creative writing is any form of writing that is written more from the idea of entertaining the reader rather than informing them. Wikipedia defines creative writing as any form of writing that goes out of the bound of professional, journalistic, academic and technical writing. In my personal opinion and as someone who loves reading, I think creative writing is anything that helps you put your thoughts…

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what is ethical hacking

What is ethical hacking & why ethical hackers are crucial to organizations?

Introduction Ethical Hacker also knew as white hat hacker is a security professional. An Ethical Hacker primarily is responsible to detect vulnerabilities and weaknesses in systems. The skills functional to any malicious hacker are the same that are deployed by ethical hackers. The ethical hacker, however, makes these breeches for security purposes that is to locate exploit vulnerabilities and fix them before they are identified and targeted by black hat hackers. The legality of the…

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marketing strategy

Marketing Strategies of Automobile Companies in India

What is Marketing Strategy? A marketing strategy is a business overall game plan by which they can attract the buyer or influence them to buy their product. Marketing strategy is basically a long term plan which contains companies marketing value proposition, objectives, information on the target customer and other high level elements. “Marketing is the marketing logic by which the business units expects to achieve it marketing objectives.” By Phillip Koetler “Choosing market targets and…

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Introduction When walking around a party you are the host of, how do you greet and deal with each guest? Is it a scripted ‘Hello, Hi, It’s so nice of you to be here’? That, yes, but is that all? Take a minute to think and you’ll realize that your mannerism changes with every individual you deal with, on a closer inspection you may even find that each guest treats each person in the room…

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What is Business Communication

Business Communication – Why You Should Master the Skill of Communication

Introduction to Business Communication In our daily lives we spend a major part of our days communicating. We need to communicate in order to be heard and to be understood by others. In the business world the act of communication forms the basis of the workings of the system and is therefore needed to be refined and proper. Poor communications skill not only creates problems in the workspace, it also proves as a barrier for…

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gender pay gap

Gender Pay Gap | What is it and How Can We Fix It

INTRODUCTION While images of smart, successful women working alongside men are found in abundance, the truth of the workplace and the remuneration lie in conflict with it. In the reports on Gender pay gap thousands of companies file their gender pay gap figures, revealing that on average men are paid more than women. There are various factors that lead to this gap, but let’s first look at what it exactly is. WHAT IS GENDER PAY…

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Stock market

Stock Market and the most effective ways of Investing

Everyone must have heard words like “SENSEX” “NIFTY” and ups and downs in the share market so now let’s look that what exactly these things mean in the world of SHARE MARKET (Stock Market). The securities contract and regulation act defines stock exchange as “An organisation or body of individuals, whether incorporated or not established for the purpose of assisting, regulating and controlling of business in buying, selling and dealing in securities”. Basically, stock exchange…

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Group dynamics 01

10 Ways to have better Group Dynamics

Understanding Group Dynamics There is no specific definition of a group. Some feel that two or more persons interacting with each other form a group. Other definitions state that for a body of persons to be perceived as a group there should be a degree of structure or permanency. In a general sense we can say that a group is a collection of people who interact with each other and perceive themselves as a single…

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