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Training and Development | Essential HR Practices

Training and Development is an essential practice for any organization. It helps firms to enhance employee performance and track their productivity. It is expected of training interventions to bring forth productive results for the organization’s goals. Developing the knowledge base of employees, skill enhancement, human resource utility and teaching of new concepts and ideas are the kind of engagements that are included in it. However, this intervention in itself is a rather expensive investment. The…

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hr interview questions answers

Common HR Interview Questions with Answers | Job Preparation

HR professionals go beyond the conventional skill oriented interview due to their insightful approach. HR teams filter candidates who would suit the job profile best. The nature of their questions is simple yet strategic and deliberate. Thus it is essential that you prepare for the HR round. Here we enlist the frequent HR interview questions and how to answer them for which you must prepare. HR Interview Questions Phase 1 Generally for initiating conversation and…

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