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  • Duration: 60 minutes
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  • Maximum marks: 50, Passing marks: 25 (50%).
  • There is NO negative marking in this module.
  • Online exam.

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Vskills certification for Angular 6 Developer assesses the candidate as per the company’s need for web application development using the Angular 6 JavaScript framework. The Angular 6 certification tests the candidates on various areas like, Components and Bindings, Directives, Pipes and Model-driven Forms, Material, CDK etc.

In this course, you will learn you how to configure a development environment for building Angular apps, as well as the various aspects that go into creating an app. You will also learn how to create and use modules and components and how to take advantage of Angular's template syntax.

The course covers how to use the various directives and pipes that come built into Angular, and also how to create your own directives, pipes, and services, make use of Angular CLI, Material and CDK.

Pre-requisite: Knowledge of Javascript, HTML/HTML5, computer networking and internet.

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Why should one take Angular 6 Certification?

The certification is suitable for web developers, programmers and graduates wanting to excel in web application development areas. It is also well suited for those who are already working and would like to take certification for further career progression in web application development.

Earning Vskills Angular 6 Developer Certification can help candidate differentiate in today's competitive job market, broaden their employment opportunities by displaying their advanced skills, and result in higher earning potential.

Who will benefit from taking Angular 6 Certification?

Job seekers looking to find employment in IT or software development departments of various companies, students who want to learn angular 6.

Angular 6 Table of Contents


Angular 6 Sample Questions


Angular 6 Practice Questions


Angular 6 Tutorials


Angular 6 Interview Questions


Companies that hire Vskills Certified Angular 6 Developer

Job seekers looking to find employment in Angular 6 or  JavaScript framework under web development departments of various companies, students generally wanting to improve their skill set and make their CV stronger and existing employees looking for a better role can prove their employers the value of their skills through this certification.

Angular 6 developers are employed in companies like Google, Flipkart, TCS,  Cognizant, Amazon, Dell, IBM, Capgemini etc.

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Web Development Basics

  • Web Application
  • HTML
  • CSS
  • JavaScript
  • Document Object Model (DOM)
  • XPath
  • Popular Web Browsers
  • Inspecting Elements in Browser

Introduction to Angular

  • Angular Basics
  • Angular Development History
  • What is AngularJS ?
  • AngularJS Features
  • AngularJS Advantages
  • AngularJS Design Belief
  • AngularJS Architecture
  • How Angular works
  • What is MVC
  • What is MVVM

Angular Core Concepts

  • Angular Architecture and Building Blocks
  • Bazel Compiler
  • Ivy Renderer
  • Modules
  • Components
  • Templates, Directives, and Data Binding
  • Services and Dependency Injection
  • Routing
  • Angular Application Working
  • Angular Installation
  • Sample Angular Application
  • Angular Application Structure
  • Angular 6 Service Worker
  • Angular Universal - Server-Side Rendering
  • Upgrading from AngularJS


  • TypeScript Basics
  • TypeScript Types
  • tsc
  • TypeScript Features
  • TypeScript Classes
  • Interfaces
  • TypeScript and JavaScript
  • Type Inference
  • Type Keyword
  • Decorators
  • Property Decorators
  • Class Decorators
  • Parameter Decorators

Angular CLI

  • Installing Angular 6 CLI
  • Angular 6 CLI Commands
  • CLI App Budgets

Sample Application

  • What you'll build
  • Setup
  • Master / Detail
  • Multiple Components
  • Services
  • Routing
  • HTTP

Angular Component, Template and Data Binding

  • Component
  • Component Interaction
  • Displaying Data
  • Data Binding
  • Templates
  • Dependency Injection
  • Lifecycle Hooks
  • Angular 6 Web Component

Angular NgModules

  • Module Basics
  • JS Modules
  • NgModule Basics
  • Bootstrapping
  • Feature Modules
  • NgModule Metadata
  • NgModules and Components
  • NgModules and JavaScript Modules
  • Entry Components
  • Providers in Angular
  • Singleton Services
  • Lazy Loading Feature Modules
  • Sharing Modules
  • NgModule API
  • Angular Libraries

Angular Directives

  • Angular Directive Basics
  • Component or Directives
  • Attribute Directives
  • Structural Directives
  • Built-in Directives
  • Built-in Attribute Directives
  • Built-in Structural Directives


  • What is a Angular Pipe
  • Using pipes
  • Built-in Pipes

Angular 6 Form Management

  • Form Basics
  • Template-driven Forms
  • Reactive or Model Driven Forms
  • Form Validation
  • Form State Management

Angular 6 Routing

  • Angular Routing Basics
  • Router Imports
  • Route Configuration
  • Router Outlet
  • Router Links
  • Router State
  • Activated Route
  • Router Events

Angular 6 Promises, and Route Protection

  • Promises
  • Observables
  • RxJS Library
  • Route Protection

Angular 6 Animation

  • Animation Basics
  • Animation Setup
  • Simple Animations
  • Keyframe Animations
  • Parallel Animation Groups
  • Animation Callbacks

Angular 6 Material and CDK

  • Angular 6 Material Basics
  • Angular 6 Material Schematics
  • Angular 6 Material and Theming
  • Angular 6 Material's Typography
  • Angular 6 Material Customization
  • Angular CDK Common Behaviors
  • Angular 6 CDK Components

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