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Lean Manufacturing or simply Lean is a process proven to be successful at many fortune 500 companies. It is a proven method to significantly bring down costs. Lean manufacturing is customer focused, and it's all about developing & maintaining a system to provide value to its customers. It teaches how to eliminate wasteful practices & create more valuable products for the customers.

Why should I take this certification?

Vskills certification for Lean Manufacturing Professional assesses the candidate in designing, implementing and maintaining lean principles for lean manufacturing. The certification tests the candidates on various areas like waste elimination, 5S, Using Kaizen, SMED, Kanban Card System, One-piece flow production system, Visual management, TPM and preparing roadmaps for implementing lean manufacturing.

Study & Learn

  • Lean Basics & Lean Manufacturing
  • Visual stream mapping
  • 5S & Role of Kaizen
  • Kanban Card System
  • SMED Design
  • One-Piece Flow Production System
  • Visual Management
  • Total Productive Maintenance

How will I benefit from this certification?

Lean manufacturing is on of the most sought after excellence strategies among leading companies & organizations. Lean Manufacturing professionals are in tremendous demand in global market. With the demand for low cost production rising, Manufacturing companies constantly look for Lean specialists to meet for low cost production & increase profitability & efficiency. Various public and private companies also hire Lean Manufacturing Professional for their process control and quality control departments.

Lean Manufacturing Table of Contents


Lean Manufacturing Sample Questions


Lean Manufacturing Practice Test


Lean Manufacturing Interview Questions


Companies that hire Lean Manufacturing Professionals

Vskills certified professionals will find job opportunities with top tier companies and corporate like Bosch, TCS, Bajaj Auto, Godrej Group, Hindustan Unilever, DHL, IBM, Wirpo, Infosys, Flipkart, Amazon, Meesho, Dell, Dhelivery etc.

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Table of Contents

Lean Basics

  • Need
  • Factors

Lean Manufacturing

  • Origins and Toyota Production System
  • Waste Elimination
  • Tools and techniques

Value Stream Mapping

  • Basics
  • Primary Icons
  • Secondary Icons


  • 5S Stages
  • 5S for Waste Elimination

Role of Kaizen

  • Introduction
  • Kaizen Steps
  • Kaizen and Lean Manufacturing

Single Minute Exchange of Die (SMED)

  • Introduction
  • SMED Design
  • Strategic SMED
  • Waste Elimination and SMED

Kanban Card System

  • Kanban Card Control
  • Implementation

One-Piece Flow Production System

  • Lean Manufacturing and One-Piece Flow Production System
  • Implementation

Visual Management

  • Visual Management and Elimination
  • Implementation

Total Productive Maintenance

  • TPM Principles
  • Implementation

Implementation of Lean Manufacturing

  • Preparing Roadmap


Course Outline

Lean Basics

  • Understanding the need and factors for lean manufacturing

Lean Manufacturing

  • Describing the origins of lean from and Toyota Production System
  • Explaining waste elimination in lean manufacturing
  • Illustrating the various tools and techniques for eliminating waste

Value Stream Mapping

  • Explaining the basics of VSM or Value Stream Mapping
  • Describing the primary icons like truck, supplier, etc. and secondary icons


  • Detailing the 5S stages of Seiri, Seiton, Seiso, Seiketsu and Shitsuke
  • Understanding the usage of 5S for waste elimination

Role of Kaizen

  • Describing the basics of kaizen and steps involved in kaizen
  • Elucidating the achieving of lean manufacturing by kaizen

Single Minute Exchange of Die (SMED)

  • Explaining the basic concept of SMED
  • Understanding the need of orienting design for SMED
  • Describing the basics of strategic SMED and SMED for waste elimination

Kanban Card System

  • Illustrating the Kanban card control by single and two card Kanban system
  • Explaining the implementation procedure

One-Piece Flow Production System

  • Elucidating the one-piece flow production system for lean manufacturing
  • Describing the implementation process of one-piece flow production system

Visual Management

  • Understanding the basics of visual management and it’s usage for elimination
  • Explaining the implementation process of visual management

Total Productive Maintenance

  • Describing the TPM principles and it’s implementation

Implementation of Lean Manufacturing

  • Describing the process of preparing roadmap for implementation

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