Lean Manufacturing

Given below are some of the important interview questions on Lean Manufacturing prepared by experts to help you for the upcoming job interview.

Q.1 Which Japanese term refers to continuous improvement?
Q.2 Which waste elimination technique focus on organizing the workplace?
Q.3 What does the six sigma performance measurement involves?
Average and Variation computation
Q.4 How is lean manufacturing achieved by an organization?
Elimination of Waste
Q.5 Where is muri technique primarily applied?
New product design
Q.6 What are the key elements of Lean?
Some of the key elements of Lean are - 1. Empowering people to build trust between management and the work force. 2. Eliminate waste 3. Make it as simple as possible as simple things are understood and remembered 4. Doing one thing at a time by focusing on problem solving before moving 5. Smooth information flow with minimum friction. 6. Visual Interpretation help to know when a process is not functioning 7. Building quality – Products and processes perform as expected, first time and every time with consistency.
Q.7 Name the different types of waste in terms of Lean.
The basic types of waste are - 1. Correction 2. Overproduction 3. Inventory 4. Unnecessary Motion 5. Transportation 6. Delays 7.Complicated Process 8. Unutilized People skills
Q.8 Describe the typical process of implementing Lean?
The typical process of implementing lean are - 1. First it requires basic education of a company’s leadership, their understanding, and acceptance of the undertaking 2. Second step involves forming and education of Kaizen Team of key employees in the use of Lean tools 3. Involves Project assessment, analysis, and selection 4. Focus on establish goals and objectives 5. Conduct Kaizen event including Value Stream Mapping (VSM) inside your company’s four walls and 5S 6. Expand education of associates through original Kaizen Team 7. Understand how culture change is affecting the organization and communicate benefits continually 8. Continue Kaizen Events, communication, and leadership’s visual support of the program
Q.9 How long does it take to implement Lean?
The process of sustaining the momentum is the real challenge to any Lean undertaking. Due to which company leaders show their commitment. Clearly Improvements may begin quickly, however a Lean transformation may take 6 months or more. It might take a year or more before people truly adopt and accept the cultural changes required. As associates continue to see immediate payback for their involvement in Kaizen events a cultural foundation begins to take shape. Also as the process steps above are repeated positive results will reinforce the reason Lean was embraced by the organization’s leaders.
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