Certified-Lean-Manufacturing-Professional Table of Contents

Table of Contents


Lean Basics

  • Need
  • Factors

Lean Manufacturing

  • Origins and Toyota Production System
  • Waste Elimination
  • Tools and techniques

Value Stream Mapping

  • Basics
  • Primary Icons
  • Secondary Icons


  • 5S Stages
  • 5S for Waste Elimination

Role of Kaizen

  • Introduction
  • Kaizen Steps
  • Kaizen and Lean Manufacturing

Single Minute Exchange of Die (SMED)

  • Introduction
  • SMED Design
  • Strategic SMED
  • Waste Elimination and SMED

Kanban Card System

  • Kanban Card Control
  • Implementation

One-Piece Flow Production System

  • Lean Manufacturing and One-Piece Flow Production System
  • Implementation

Visual Management

  • Visual Management and Elimination
  • Implementation

Total Productive Maintenance

  • TPM Principles
  • Implementation

Implementation of Lean Manufacturing

  • Preparing Roadmap


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