Certify and Increase Opportunity.
Govt. Certified Real Estate Consultant

Chapter 1: What is Retail ?
Functions performed by a retailer
Retail Overview : India and Worldwide
Top 5 Retailers of the world
Top 5 Retailers of India
Types of Retail Outlets
Types of Retail Products
Retail Strategy
Retail Mix

Chapter 2: Retail Business Operations

Store Designing and Space Planning
Store Designing
Store Environment & Ambience
Exterior Store Design
Product Display
Space Planning
Store Floor Planning
Fixture Management
Shelf Space Planning
Profitability Analysis
Productivity Analysis

Chapter 3: Supply Chain Planning & Management

Demand Analysis, Aggregation & Forecasting
Placing of the Purchase Order
Shipping & Transportation Planning
Warehouse Management
Distribution Planning
Inventory Management
Supply Chain Benefits

Chapter 4: Category Management

Merchandise Planning
Assortment Planning
Assortment Control
Product Introduction & Control
Price Management
Cost Management

Chapter 5: Store Operations

Store Front-End Management
Store Back-End Management
Sales Management
Customer Relationship Management
Operational Activities carried out at the store on daily basis