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  • Duration: 60 minutes
  • No. of questions: 50
  • Maximum marks: 50, Passing marks: 25 (50%).
  • There is NO negative marking in this module.
  • Online exam.

Benefits of Certification

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Playwright is an open-source automation tool developed by Microsoft that enables developers and QA (Quality Assurance) engineers to automate web browser interactions across different browsers like Chromium, WebKit, and Firefox. It allows users to write scripts in various programming languages to perform tasks such as page navigation, form submissions, data extraction, and UI testing.

Note: Please note that the course comes with online e-learning (videos) only. No hard copy will be provided.

Why should one take Playwright Certification?

Playwright is known for its reliability, speed, and support for modern web standards, making it a reliable choice for automated testing and web automation tasks. Vskills Certificate in Playwright provides a hands-on approach to understand the nuances of testing using Playwright as well as understand Playwright to design, build, and manage effective test cases.

The certification attests to your understanding and applying skills and knowledge in Playwright and helps you to stand out amongst your peers to help in gaining better career prospects.

Who will benefit from taking Playwright Certification?

Software Testing Professional, Engineers, Team Leads, Senior QA Engineers, managers will benefit immensely by opting for Vskills Certificate in Playwright to gain an edge in the Playwright and be noticeable amongst their colleagues as well as make progress in their respective careers.

Students taking the certification also gain by showcasing their understanding of Playwright and are able to increase their job opportunities.

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Playwright Table of Contents


Playwright Practice Questions


Playwright Interview Questions


Companies that hire Playwright Professionals

Playwright professionals are in great demand, especially it companies are looking for skilled Playwright Professionals. Here is the list of some of the companies hiring Playwright Professionals, IBM, Barclays, Accenture, JP Morgan, Siemens, Capgemini, Flipkart, Amazon, Toptal, Mindtree, Genpact, HSBC etc.

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Getting Started

  • Playwright Installation
  • Playwright Docs
  • Launching Browser
  • Clicking Link Element
  • Script Overview


  • Playwright Python REPL
  • Locator Role
  • Locators Input Field
  • Locator Text
  • Locator Alt Text
  • Locator Title
  • Locating with CSS Selectors
  • CSS Selectors Hierarchy
  • CSS Selectors Pseudo Classes
  • Locators XPath
  • XPath Functions
  • Other Locators


  • Mouse Actions
  • Actions Text Input
  • Radios, Checkboxes, and Switches
  • Select Option
  • Dropdown Menu
  • Upload Files
  • Keyboard Shortcuts


  • Playwright Auto-Waiting
  • Auto-Waiting Navigation
  • Custom Waiting
  • Event Listeners
  • Handling Dialogs
  • Download Files
  • What Is Sync and Async?
  • Asynchronous Playwright


  • Google Sign In
  • Reuse Authentication State
  • Reuse Auth State

Automated Mail Checker

  • Automatic Mail Checker
  • Project Setup
  • Locate New Emails
  • Locate Email Data
  • Combine Locators
  • Check Email from Terminal


  • Testing Pytest
  • Writing Test
  • Running Test
  • Type Hinting
  • Test State
  • Pytest Fixture
  • Using Fixture
  • Fixture Scope

pytest-playwright Plugin

  • Install pytest-playwright Plugin
  • Playwright Test
  • Running Test
  • Pytest Config
  • Test Hook

Playwright Tools

  • Take Screenshot
  • Record Video
  • Trace Generator and Viewer
  • Playwright Codegen

Web-First Assertions

  • Assertions Page
  • Assertions Element State
  • Assertions Element Text
  • Assertions Attribute
  • Assertions Input Field
  • Assertions Checkbox
  • Assertions Option Menu

UI Testing Playground

  • UI Testing Dynamic ID
  • UI Testing Class Attribute
  • UI Testing Hidden Layer
  • UI testing Load Delay
  • UI Testing Ajax Request
  • UI Testing Click Action
  • UI Testing Input Field
  • UI Testing Scrollbars
  • UI Testing Dynamic Table
  • UI Testing Verify Text
  • UI Testing Progress Bar
  • UI Testing Visibility
  • UI Testing App Login
  • UI Testing Mouse Hover
  • UI Testing NBSP Character
  • UI Testing Overlapped

Playwright Fixtures

  • Function Scope Fixtures
  • Session Scope Fixtures
  • Browser Selection
  • Browser Launch and Context Arguments

Page Object Model (POM)

  • What Is Page Object Model?
  • Page Object Model Implementation
  • Page Object Model Usage
  • Playwright Homepage POM
  • POM Usage

Network Events

  • Network Events
  • Handle Requests
  • Modify Response

API Testing

  • Making an API Call
  • API Request Context
  • API Query String
  • CRUD Operations
  • Mock API


  • Intercept Requests
  • Disabling JavaScript
  • Run Tests in Parallel

Tips and Tricks

  • Pytest CLI Arguments
  • Python Debugger
  • Device Emulation
  • Evaluate JavaScript

GitHub API

  • GitHub API Introduction
  • Project Setup
  • GitHub Token
  • Authorized API Context
  • Writing Tests
  • Running Tests

Continuous Integration (CI)

  • GitHub CI Introduction
  • Setup Repository
  • Writing Tests
  • GitHub Action
  • Running Automated Tests

Data-Driven Testing

  • What Is Data-Driven Testing?
  • Pytest Parametrize
  • Running Test

Behavior-Driven Development

  • What Is Behavior-Driven Development?
  • Project Setup
  • Define Feature
  • Implement Steps
  • Running Tests

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