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TypeScript is an open source programming language maintained by Microsoft. TypeScript extends JavaScript by adding type checking and host of other features as interfaces, type aliases, abstract classes, function overloading, tuple, generics, etc. TypeScript has gained widespread acceptance with the rise of e-commerce and mobile applications as it offers many developer friendly features and integration with JavaScript and popular frameworks like Angular, etc.

Why should I take Vskills Typescript Professional Certification?

Vskills Typescript Professional certification provides a thorough knowledge on Typescript language covering from basics to advanced level by providing videos for a hand-on approach.

The certification covers

  • Classes
  • Interfaces
  • Generics

Who will benefit from taking Typescript Professional Certification?

Vskills Typescript Professional certification has been extremely beneficial for IT professionals and students for their career growth.

The certification is apt for

  • Software Developers
  • Programmers
  • IT managers, team leads
  • Students interested in web development

Typescript Professional certification Table of Contents


Typescript Professional certification Sample Questions


Typescript Professional certification Practice Questions


Typescript Professional certification Tutorials


Typescript Professional certification Interview Questions


Companies that hire Vskills Typescript Certified Professionals

Typescript professionals are in demand at software companies, outsourcing companies like TCS, Accenture, IBM, Capgemini, Tech Mahindra, TCS, etc.

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TypeScript Basics

  • Why Is TypeScript & Why Should You Use It?
  • Installing & Using TypeScript
  • TypeScript Advantages - Overview
  • How to Get the Most Out of the course
  • Setting Up A Code Editor / IDE

TypeScript Basic Types

  • Using Types
  • TypeScript Types vs JavaScript Types
  • Working with Numbers, Strings & Booleans
  • Type Assignment & Type Inference
  • Object Types
  • Arrays Types
  • Working with Tuples
  • Working with Enums
  • The 'any' Type
  • Union Types
  • Literal Types
  • Type Aliases / Custom Types
  • Function Return Types & 'void'
  • Functions as Types
  • Function Types & Callbacks
  • The 'unknown' Type
  • The 'never' Type

The TypeScript Compiler and Configuration

  • Using 'Watch Mode'
  • Compiling the Entire Project / Multiple Files
  • Including & Excluding Files
  • Setting a Compilation Target
  • Understanding TypeScript Core Libs
  • More Configuration & Compilation Options
  • Working with Source Maps
  • rootDir and outDir
  • Stop Emitting Files on Compilation Errors
  • Strict Compilation
  • Code Quality Options
  • Debugging with Visual Studio Code

Next-generation JavaScript & TypeScript

  • 'let' and 'const'
  • Arrow Functions
  • Default Function Parameters
  • The Spread Operator (...)
  • Rest Parameters
  • Array & Object Destructuring
  • How Code Gets Compiled & Wrap Up

TypeScript Classes & Interfaces

  • What are Classes?
  • Creating a First Class
  • Compiling to JavaScript
  • Constructor Functions & The 'this' Keyword
  • 'private' and 'public' Access Modifiers
  • Shorthand Initialization
  • 'readonly' Properties
  • Inheritance
  • Overriding Properties & The 'protected' Modifier
  • Getters & Setters
  • Static Methods & Properties
  • Abstract Classes
  • Singletons & Private Constructors
  • Classes - A Summary
  • A First Interface
  • Using Interfaces with Classes
  • Why Interfaces?
  • Readonly Interface Properties
  • Extending Interfaces
  • Interfaces as Function Types
  • Optional Parameters & Properties
  • Compiling Interfaces to JavaScript

TypeScript Advanced Types

  • Intersection Types
  • More on Type Guards
  • Discriminated Unions
  • Type Casting
  • Index Properties
  • Function Overloads
  • Optional Chaining
  • Nullish Coalescing

TypeScript Generics

  • Built-in Generics & What are Generics?
  • Creating a Generic Function
  • Working with Constraints
  • Another Generic Function
  • The 'keyof' Constraint
  • Generic Classes
  • A First Summary
  • Generic Utility Types
  • Generic Types vs Union Types

TypeScript Decorators

  • A First-Class Decorator
  • Working with Decorator Factories
  • Building More Useful Decorators
  • Adding Multiple Decorators
  • Diving into Property Decorators
  • Accessor & Parameter Decorators
  • When Do Decorators Execute?
  • Returning (and changing) a Class in a Class Decorator
  • Other Decorator Return Types
  • Example: Creating an 'Autobind' Decorator
  • Validation with Decorators - First Steps
  • Validation with Decorators - Finished

TypeScript Practice Project - Drag & Drop Project

  • Getting Started
  • DOM Element Selection & OOP Rendering
  • Interacting with DOM Elements
  • Creating & Using an 'Autobind' Decorator
  • Fetching User Input
  • Creating a Re-Usable Validation Functionality
  • Rendering Project Lists
  • Managing Application State with Singletons
  • More Classes & Custom Types
  • Filtering Projects with Enums
  • Adding Inheritance & Generics
  • Rendering Project Items with a Class
  • Using a Getter
  • Utilizing Interfaces to Implement Drag & Drop
  • Drag Events & Reflecting the Current State in the UI
  • Adding a Droppable Area
  • Finishing Drag & Drop

TypeScript Modules & Namespaces

  • Writing Module Code - Your Options
  • Working with Namespaces
  • Organizing Files & Folders
  • A Problem with Namespace Imports
  • Using ES Modules
  • Understanding various Import & Export Syntaxes
  • How Does Code In Modules Execute?

Using Webpack with TypeScript

  • What is Webpack & Why do we need it?
  • Installing Webpack & Important Dependencies
  • Adding Entry & Output Configuration
  • Adding TypeScript Support with the ts-loader Package
  • Finishing the Setup & Adding webpack-dev-server
  • Adding a Production Workflow

3rd Party Libraries & TypeScript

  • Using JavaScript (!) Libraries with TypeScript
  • Using 'declare' as a 'Last Resort'
  • No Types Needed: class-transformer
  • TypeScript-embracing: class-validator

TypeScript Practice Project - "Select & Share a Place" App (incl. Google Maps)

  • Project Setup
  • Getting User Input
  • Setting Up a Google API Key
  • Using Axios to Fetch Coordinates for an Entered Address
  • Rendering a Map with Google Maps (incl. Types!)

React.js & TypeScript

  • Setting Up a React + TypeScript Project
  • How Do React + TypeScript Work Together?
  • Working with Props and Types for Props
  • Getting User Input with 'refs'
  • Cross-Component Communication
  • Working with State & Types
  • Managing State Better
  • More Props & State Work
  • Adding Styling
  • Types for other React Features (e.g. Redux or Routing)

Node.js + Express & TypeScript

  • Executing TypeScript Code with Node.js
  • Setting up a Project
  • Finished Setup & Working with Types (in Node + Express Apps)
  • Adding Middleware & Types
  • Working with Controllers & Parsing Request Bodies
  • More CRUD Operations

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