5G Technology Interview Questions

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Q.1 Explain 5G NR (New Radio)
5G NR expands to Fifth Generation New Radio which is the global standard for a unified, more capable 5G wireless air interface. 5G is evolution to LTE-advanced and the standard has been published with 3GPP release 15 and above.
Q.2 Differentiate between 5G NR and 4G (LTE)
Unlike LTE, NR is band-agnostic and in R15 supports mm-wave frequencies up to 52,6 GHz enabling high traffic capacity and eMBB. 4G operates below 6 GHz and 5G NR at Sub-1 GHz, 1 to 6 GHz, above 6 GHz in mm wave bands (28 GHz, 40 GHz etc.). 5G supports higher data rate than 4G. 5G delivers about 10 Gbps where as LTE-a pro delivers 3 Gbps. 5G offers latency of less than 1 ms where as LTE-adv pro delivers less than 2 ms.
Q.3 What are the components in the 5G NR network architecture?
There are three main components in 5G NR architecture which are - UE (User Equipment), RAN and Core Network.
Q.4 Differentiate between TDD and FDD in 5G NR
In FDD mode, both uplink and downlink can transmit at the same time at different spectrum frequencies. In TDD mode, both uplink and downlink use the same spectrum frequencies but at different times.
Q.5 What is the beenfit of 5G NR
This 5G offers increased speed and low latency for Mobile Broadband with peak data rate of 10 to 20 Gbps.
Q.6 Name the different handover types in 5G NR
There are two types of 5G NR handovers which are - network controlled and UE controlled.
Q.7 What is the use of MIB and SIB in 5G?
5G Master Information Block (MIB) includes system information transmitted on xBCH transport channel and xBCCH logical channel. The IE (Information Element) XSystemInformationBlock contains RRC (radio resource configuration) information which is common for all UEs. It is transmitted on xBCCH logical channel and xBCH transport channel.
Q.8 What is uRLLC in 5G NR?
URLLC expands to Ultra Reliable Low Lentancy Communication to support new requirements like autonomous driving, remote surgery and cloud robotics.
Q.9 What is mMTC? Why it’s use in 5G NR?
mMTC expands to Massive machine type communications and is used to targets the cost-efficient and robust connection of billions of devices without overloading the network.
Q.10 What is eMBB in 5G NR?
Enhanced mobile broadband (eMBB) supports the ever-increasing end user data rate and system capacity by shifting of frequency spectrum to cmWave and mmWave range to achieve much higher bandwidth allocations and using advanced antenna array for massive MIMO and beamforming
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